Behavioural Studies
Industry Study Topic
Food & Beverage A multinational manufacturer of baking ingredients used Recollective to conduct a study on baking behaviour and “baking moments”. Participants were asked to upload photos or videos to showcase these moments, recipes, baked goods. Researchers used activities, discussions and comments to further explore various events and life situations in which baked goods play a role. They asked how grocery stores have an impact on a participant's “baking life” and what retailers do to inspire them to bake. Finally, participants were asked to visit and report on specific stores and their connection to them as bakers.
Pharmaceutical The research project explored the impact that Crohns Disease has on a child's or young adult's life, with a particular focus on family dynamics from the perspective of both the child and the parent. The project involved three different studies; two were populated with children and teens who had been diagnosed and the third was populated with their parents. All three groups were asked similar questions relating to the impact/perceived impact of the disease on the lives of the diagnosed.
Telecommunications The client wanted to explore online behaviour, particularly for social media services. This study used a combination of rich media responses, including photos, video, card sorts, text and poll choices to uncover very detailed insights into online behaviour and perceptions. The study design included a discussion about general device usage and internet access preferences, followed by an exploration of social media preferences and usage. Questions probed into potential concerns surrounding privacy and differences between participants' online and offline personas. The study concluded with an examination of brands participants perceived to be active within social media channels and the effect that this activity had on their perceptions of those brands.
Financial Services The client wanted to explore and contrast the behaviour and opinions of their investors and independent financial advisors in UK, Italy and Germany online before conducting a selection of in-person interviews. Six separate studies were built in the same Recollective site, each in a different language with their own moderators. The client used the copy / paste features to quickly replicate the community into each country and the instruction transcripts to translate the questions. Over 250 advisors and investors were run through the communities over the course of a month. Text, photo and poll tasks were effectively used to explore their behaviour and decision making processes around financial investments. Only the most interesting participants were then selected for interviews, reducing next-stage costs for the research program.