Advisory & Consultation
Industry Study Topic
Not-for-Profit The not-for-profit client wanted to engage current and past donors to explore the factors which motivate them to donate and the messages they believe should be associated with the organization. Recollective was used to engage a small number of donors over the course of one week. They were asked to list brands they believed possessed admirable qualities and describe why, evaluate the host organization's current position and public perception, then advise on possible future priorities and activities for advertising by the organization.
Financial Services A North American health insurance provider wanted to develop a better understanding of how to communicate the value and benefits of health insurance to a Latino audience. During this three month long study, they were able to use Recollective to engage participants to evaluate and seek opinions on a number of different communications tools including an online health insurance registration system, marketing collateral and general website pages. Further discussions focused on participants reviewing and commenting on proposed text and explaining perceived feature benefits.
Education This large Canadian University wanted to engage with its students to evaluate their current relationship with university's magazine and seek advice on future content direction. The research agency recruited 50 students for a short, one-week study. Topics covered included online resources, content and links which interested the participant, the university's current ability to engage with participants based on the content offered and an evaluation of participants interest in a list of potential article topics.
High Tech A global software gaming company wanted to identify and understand the reasons why players of their leading Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) had stopped playing the game and to explore possible ways to draw these players back online. In the short, two week Recollective study, researchers were able to stimulate several dozen very active, participant initiated and led discussions threads that uncovered the real, emotional reasons for player drop-off.