Co-Creation and Ideation
Industry Study Topic
Food & Beverage A global brand name confectioner created an ongoing online community of chocolate lovers whom they consult on an ad-hoc basis for ideas, opinions and other insights. The community has 150 participants on Recollective and engages with them through weekly structured activities and open discussion boards. Among many other applications, the client uses the community to generate ideas for new packaging designs and text, advertising concepts and target audiences plus specialist product ideas. Setup as fun, interactive activities using the multimedia, image review, text, photo and file upload tools, the client was able to present questions, generate out-of-the-box ideas, validate and refine many concepts very rapidly (often within a week), helping to minimize effort spent on less promising ideas and therefore reducing time to market.
Government Using a local research agency, this Government department created a Recollective community to task 15 participants with helping choose a name for a new government website. This new website aimed to combine several contact points within the Government into one single location. The image review tool was used to present name choices and participants were asked to mark up each choice with either Acceptable, Neutral or Unacceptable and annotate their markers. Open ended questions were used to gather feedback on pre-selected names, new ideas for names and research on any double entendres/negative associations of the suggested names. Prompts were finally used to link over to discussion forums where the theme of the study was discussed in further depth.