Employee Satisfaction
Industry Study Topic
High Tech This global technology company used Recollective to engage 100 employees who had recently relocated from Europe to the US in an online community to discuss their views on the company, high performance and ongoing issues. Over a period of 3 months and using a combination of text, poll and image review tasks with supporting open discussion forums, the client was able to explore not only the issues that participants experienced during and after the relocation, but to understand ways to improve the process, perceived benefits of relocating and give employees a forum to voice any other topics they felt were important.
Financial Services This study lasted for three weeks and focused on two groups of retail bank employees who were asked to assess internal procedures and gather feedback on a new service offering, a job role, overall job satisfaction and to provide suggestions for overall workplace and performance improvement. A combination of open discussions and activities were used to gather this feedback. Since the study was asynchronous and spanned three weeks, the bank was able to get detailed input from all employees involved in the study which informed changes to their ongoing national workforce improvement program.