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Wayfair trusts recollective qualitative online research platform

Introducing: Recollective Connect

Your Home Base to Engage Panelists in a Connected Community

Say goodbye to the headaches caused by panel spreadsheets, participant churn and tool overload. Combine qual, quant and any other research tools all in one place with a community panel solution for connected research.
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The all-in-one online research platform

Recollective includes a full suite of capabilities. From qual to quant tasks, asynchronous activities to live video IDIs. Your research, your design.
Simple, customizable and all-inclusive.

Engaging research

Combine activities, journals, real-time chat, video IDI and discussion forums with socialized feedback.
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Versatile task types

Choose from a growing number of included tasks types such as image and video markup, card sorting, screen capture and photo/video uploads.
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Rapid, secure and scalable

Launch studies of any size and duration within hours. Recollective is scalable, reliable and meets modern security standards.
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Interactive analysis tools

Spot trends and identify themes faster. Probe, filter responses, excerpt verbatims, code, report, transcribe and export.
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Branded and mobile

Optimized for use on any mobile device without compromise and supports extensive branding customization.
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Our rave reviews

"Always a great experience, fast customer service and a truly great and innovative platform…they are always taking our recommendations into consideration and always added awesome new features."
Laura H.
"Recently used for two projects and amazed with the quality – easy-to-use and program, lots of options available, extremely user-friendly, superb customer support."
Verified Reviewer
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"I work with a lot of online tools, and this one jumped out at me immediately as a tool that had been given a ton of thought and support. Great UI, excellent customer service, intuitive controls, lots of options. They even send you a review audit before you launch a study with suggestions on how you might tweak the settings or make it work better."
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Flexible services when you need them

Successful research demands more than just great technology. Recollective offers standard and optional services to deliver a solution tailored to your needs.
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Platform support

Full training, a pre-launch check and ongoing helpdesk support included as standard.
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Partner ecosystem

A global network of partners for every need, from recruiting and incentives to moderation and full-service research.
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Research services

Best practice and research design advice, recruiting services and project management support.
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