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Erin MacIntosh
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June 2, 2022

My name is Erin, and I’ve worked at Recollective for just over a year. I’m an Administrative Services Specialist, meaning I work to support our internal teams and upper management to ensure they’re as efficient as possible. I have a varied background in terms of jobs: from forward-facing retail and administrative, to HR and management. I’ve learned a lot from this varied experience, to say the least, and I can honestly say that thanks to my role as Administrative Services Specialist at Recollective, it’s the first time I’ve ever been excited and motivated to grow my career with a small company like Recollective.

When my colleague Tiana wrote her piece for our blog about her similar experience with Recollective as a student, I had many of my friends and past colleagues asking me “is that true?”

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen a lot online in the past two years about tech jobs, startups, “the great resignation” and employee well-being. I had just one thing to say as an answer to that pervasive, but very valid, question—yes! It is true. I believe wholeheartedly in Recollective not only as a platform and technology but the mobility and educational opportunities the company has offered me are unprecedented as both a young person in my field and a #womanintech. The company’s internal educational opportunities notwithstanding, we also love our employees and culture so much that we offer a referral program that's responsible for over 50% of our current hires.

I started as an Implementation Services Administrator, specifically working with our Implementation Services team to organize, implement and activate new workspaces for our clients. In addition to that, I am also in charge of scheduling time for additional services, including Pre-Launch Checks, Kickoff Calls, Training and QuickStart packages. It’s repetitive work but fast-paced and rewarding because we set up new (and old) customers with their projects and study spaces. Ensuring our clients have their studies activated to their specifications is something that requires a thorough knowledge of Recollective.

"Luckily, every person who joins Recollective gets both a crash course on the industry from our Research Services team and enrolment in the Expert Certification Program for the platform. The Expert Certification Program is one of our best assets—essentially, being Expert Certified means you're trained to program and use Recollective at the same high standard as our in-house customer service consultants."

Being both an in-house customer service consultant and playing the role of Recollective user while doing the Expert Certification Program was a great way to gain insight into the user journey of our customers. This valuable understanding was essential to building and maintaining relationships with both our clients and our team internally, as we would diligently schedule follow-ups and make note of any challenges, difficulties, or triumphs to incorporate into our larger operating plan and roadmap.

Since those early days, my role at Recollective has changed a lot but it’s important to note that’s a result of the care, consideration and recognition shown to me by the company’s leaders and executive team. We’re a small but mighty team, especially if you look at us compared to some similar companies in the space. We were even smaller when I started in December 2020, growing from 50 people to just under 100 now, with hiring still on the agenda as part of our expansion and growth.

"The best part is that as the company grew, despite my latent fears and concerns, I grew with it, all with the help of my fellow co-workers and leaders as they encouraged me to take on new responsibilities, learn new skills, and become part of the success story as Recollective continues to work on new features and expand its product offerings."

As we’ve grown our team has scaled along with the company. Shared Administrative Services now has three members, with more hiring on the way! Admin roles sometimes have a perception of being dull, but my job is anything but boring—I get to see my work impact our sales, our company and our shared success every day. I work predominantly with Implementation Services, Strategic Projects and upper management, but my teammates also work with our Sales Development, Research Services, Business Development, Account Management and Finance teams. The ability for such versatility and to learn something new every day is part of what makes Recollective such an inspiring place to work!

If you’re interested in Recollective, or the burgeoning market research industry, check out our Careers page to apply for one of the many positions we’re hiring. If you’re unsure where you might fit in, you can always reach out–our culture is important to us, so we’re always happy to chat about how you might help Recollective grow, and how we can help you in return.

Erin MacIntoshAdministrative Services Specialist

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Erin MacIntosh
Administrative Service Specialist
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