Happy Holidays From Recollective

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Steve Thompson
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December 20, 2021

Wow! 2021 seems to have passed in the blink of an eye! Despite the never-ending COVID-19 related disruptions and unique challenges it has brought to many organizations in the research industry, we've had another year of huge growth at Recollective.

Last month we celebrated the 10-year anniversary since Recollective first launched (which in itself is rather amazing). In that time we've grown from a company of just 8 people, rolling the dice to bring a new product to market into a 70+ person company with a globally recognized and industry-leading software. Every year seems to be more transformational than the last! So as this year comes to a close, we wanted to sum up some of the biggest changes and express our heartfelt thanks to every customer, employee and supplier that's played a part in where we are now.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Welcomed over 350 new customers to Recollective
  • Supported 1200+ customers across 43 countries
  • Ran 5,000+ projects for customers in 2021 (with more ongoing communities than ever)
  • Delivered 1,000+ demos to new customers
  • 24 new employees this year alone
  • 25,000 hours of video uploaded and 4,200+ hours of live video captured on Recollective

Expanded Sales and Services (Again!)

2021 was the year of specialization to support our larger operational scale. On the Services side, we've created two teams; one that's dedicated to providing post-launch technical support and the other supporting new project delivery. We've introduced project and new customer kick-off calls, revamped training options, streamlined how we provide support and expanded our employee base to include more resources in Europe to meet the needs of our rapidly growing EU customer base.

On the Sales side, it's been no less busy! We've tripled the number of sales reps in our team, particularly in the New Business teams to further grow the support we offer to new and prospective customers. We've implemented an incredible onboarding program for new customers to help them maximize their investment in Recollective and we've also expanded our European and Canadian Accounts Management team. We're really looking forward to more people joining Recollective in 2022!

Live Video Support

Last year we introduced Live Video Interviews (IDIs with scheduling) and Live Group Chat with Video. These features were designed to run without the need for live support and we've had over 600 live sessions on Recollective in 2021 alone! But we also heard that many customers prefer the assurance provided by having someone from Recollective provide live support in their sessions. So in November, we released that packaged Service too.

New Offices

We (finally!) moved in to our amazing new offices in the early summer of 2021. Check out the photos of our incredible space or explore it directly in 3D.

GRIT Top 50 (Again!)

For the third year running, Recollective climbed the ranks of the GRIT 50. We're extremely proud of this achievement! For many of the past 10 years, we've been been described as "the industry's best-kept secret", powering the online qual behind many of the companies that populated the GRIT list. So it's very gratifying that we're being recognized by our fabulous customers in our own right. Fingers crossed for Top 10 in 2022!

I could keep talking about all the amazing achievements the employees and customers of Recollective have racked up in 2021! It's truly an honour and privilege to work with every one of you.

So, on behalf of everyone at Recollective, stay safe and we wish you Happy Holidays!

Steve Thompson
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