Product Update: Highlight Reels

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Sam MacDonald
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November 11, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Recollective’s new Video Playlists feature now includes an export option to generate beautiful highlight reel videos with smooth cross-fade transitions and dynamic text overlays.

The power of video goes without question in the world of qualitative research, but have you ever struggled to collect, analyze, and summarize video insights into a compelling highlight reel for your clients?

When research studies generate hundreds of minutes of video, the last thing you want to spend your time on is tediously re-watching videos to extract insightful moments only to then stitch them together with complex video editing software.

Recollective has solved this problem with Video Playlists and our brand new option to export playlist as a single video file. Sharing a compelling narrative of insights in the words of your research participants has never been easier.

Dynamic Text Overlays

The new Video Playlist export option in Recollective is unique in how it can overlay text captions that provide important context for each clip with minimal effort. These text overlays are customizable and generated via dynamic values drawn directly from the individual video clips.

Traditionally, the inclusion of text with video requires researchers to compile the information in advance so it could be manually incorporated at the video editing stage. It might even require a video editing team to do this well.

To save time and ensure consistency in presentation, Recollective allows researchers to define a two-line template for the text overlays: a larger first line and a smaller description line.

During the export process, text is rendered automatically into each video clip by dynamically pulling in the required information about the participant, the source activity or the clip itself.

Two white lines of text will appear over a dark translucent rectangle to ensure they can be clearly read over bright video clips. You can even control how long the text appears on each clip (e.g. 5 seconds).

Many variables are made available for the text overlay template such as the participant’s First Name, Last Name Initial, Username and Panelist ID. Other variables can highlight the source activity of the video clip, the original date of the response or simply information about the current clip and playlist. One can even include custom profile fields as part of text overlay template.

Once defined, this template is saved for future exports.

Please note that if Client-role administrators have been given permission to generate exports, they can also make use of the Video Playlist export options. Clients, however, will only be able to use dynamic values that align with the study’s Privacy Settings. Clients will also only have access to the Playlist exports they have personally initiated.

Your New Streamlined Process

Recollective now allows research teams to adopt a streamlined end-to-end solution for creating high quality and compelling highlight reels. The process takes place entirely in Recollective and can be achieved without any video editing knowledge or additional software.

  • Leverage Recollective’s standard and live activities to collect videos from webcams, mobile phones and live meetings. All videos are transcribed automatically for easy review and interactive playback.
  • Highlight the best moments via simple text selection in the video transcripts and save them as excerpts.
  • Apply codes to those excerpts while also adding them to new or existing Video Playlists.
  • Preview a Video Playlist. Reorder clips and make small clip-level timing adjustments as needed.
  • When ready, choose to export the Playlist as a Single Video File (MP4).
  • Before the export begins, select the desired file name and define what text you’d like to have included with each clip.
  • Wait a brief moment while the final video is generated with smooth transitions and the dynamic text overlays.

Improved Export Process

Exporting a playlist as Multiple Video Files has also been improved in this release. Rather than generating the export in the background, the ZIP file of video clips starts downloading instantly.

For Single Video File exports, an animated progress bar will appear on the page so you can track its progress. All previous exports remain listed and available for download so your entire team will have easy access to the exports without having to regenerate them. Any unwanted exports can easily be removed from the list.

We Need Your Feedback

This update concludes the beta of Video Playlists. We are removing the beta label, but are still keen to learn how we can further improve this feature. If there’s more you’d like to achieve with Video Playlists in Recollective, we invite you to share your ideas with us!

Sam MacDonald
Associate Product Manager
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