Recollective Release - April 2012

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Lyndsay Lewis
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April 25, 2012

Just as the Market Research Mobile World event was taking place in Amsterdam last week, Ramius was keeping up with the trend of innovative mobile marketing research technology by releasing a new app in the Apple app store. Recollective was built with HTML5 and CSS3, which has enabled it to be a web based app - that means it is available anytime, on any connected device. So if Recollective is already a web app, why was it necessary to release one in the Apple app store? And why don't we have an app in the Android Marketplace? All good questions! The answer is Apple currently prevents iPhone and iPad users from accessing media files saved on their device while sending emails, or in our case, when uploading photos directly to Recollective tasks. Our new app eliminates this shortcoming, but ensures Recollective's ease-of-use remains. One of the many aspects of Recollective that we're really proud of is it's intuitive design. Participants are never left wondering what to do next or how do complete a task. To ensure user experience is as optimal as possible, there's no need to instruct participants to go and download this app. If a participant needs it, a notification will appear instructing them to follow the link provided to the Recollective Uploader in the app store. Once installed on their device the application will:

  • Launch automatically when it's required
  • Allow for existing photos and videos to be selected from the device
  • Allow for the capturing of new photos and videos from the device
  • Upload all photos and videos with a single click
  • Automatically return participants to the study once the upload has been completed

Mobile research on Recollective just makes sense! Other Release News - Webcam Video Upload

Last month we released the Video Task Type empowering researchers with a new way to gather even richer visual insights from study participants. This month we've taken video to the next level. As well as being able to upload any video from their media gallery or any online source, participants can now record a webcam video response directly into Recollective with a single click. Recollective automatically grabs, uploads and converts the video making it incredibly easy to now add video to your study.

Lyndsay Lewis
Implementation Consultant
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