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Dana Cassady
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November 2, 2021

Recollective is very pleased to announce the launch of Live Activity Support packages. This new service can be added to any project that includes either Live Video Interviews or Focus Group activities. The package includes a Recollective representative to assist with project initiation and to join your live sessions to manage direct technical support to participants and backroom observers.

Having first released Live In-Depth-Interview Activities in March of 2019 and Live Focus Group Activities soon after in June of 2019, it was immediately clear that the combination of asynchronous and live functionality in a single platform was a major upgrade for both researchers and participants. A full suite of qualitative functionality in one place unlocked exciting new ways for researchers to design projects and simplified the user experience for everyone involved.

Recollective has always aimed to empower researchers, challenging ourselves to develop robust yet approachable technology. True to this standard, live functionality was first released on a DIY basis, supported by our standard tech support. Throughout this time, adoption has been tremendous, with the current engagements now exceeding 1,000 per month.

Recollective’s approach to live engagement was unique from the start, choosing to design a solution that functions entirely within a user's web browser, contrary to traditional offerings which require a download and a separate telephone line to fully access a session. Our fully browser-based solution has proven advantageous in numerous ways, increasing mobility and greatly simplifying the participant setup process, removing the necessity of a dedicated, live support person.

Though a live support person is no longer essential, we’ve been certain to listen carefully to those that have expressed interest in an added live support option, to ensure we’ve designed a package that will add considerable value to any live engagement. Over the past 6 months we’ve piloted a variety of different support approaches with our customers, learning a great deal along the way.

Based on our findings, we’ve developed the NEW Live Activity Support package. Including this package with your next Recollective live project will make certain that:

  1. Moderator’s attention is free to focus on the research, with assurance that Recollective will be on hand to help with any technical difficulties;
  2. Project Managers can book live support attendance online, with the flexibility needed to meet changing needs;
  3. Preparation is done in advance to secure success and give all project stakeholders the familiarity they need to be confident when running live activities.

The Live Activity Support package consists of a base offering, to which additional support time can be added, independent of the number or duration of live sessions being conducted. Every project that adds Live support will include:

  1. A project initiation call to confirm roles and responsibilities, review study configuration, alignment with project objectives and provide platform training if needed;
  2. A base of support time to allocate across planned sessions at project managers discretion and with the flexibility to make changes as needed within an online booking portal;
  3. A set of testing minutes to allow in-site dry-runs with project stakeholders, along with guidance of best practices in efficiently executing test sessions with client observers.

True to our dedication to innovation and investment in empowering researchers, we are pleased to know that this offer is unique to the market. Making use of modern technology, this support service extends researchers the autonomy to:

  • Decide which sessions a Recollective representative will join, when they will join and for how long;
  • Manage support attendance through an online booking system, allowing ease of setup and the flexibility to make adjustments as needs evolve;
  • Control how help is given and the ability to work towards self-sufficiency, where and if preferable.

Combined, we believe the Recollective Live Activity Support service will deliver flexibility, value for money and peace of mind as you approach a live project. As you complete more live projects using Recollective, this service should make it easy to transition to independently execute your next project.

If you’d like to learn more about Live Activity Support or our Live Activity capabilities in general, let us know! If you’ve never used Recollective before, request a demo at or existing customers can connect with your sales rep by emailing us at

Dana Cassady
Vice President Customer Services
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