Recollective Release - December 2012

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Philippe Dame
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December 4, 2012

Recollective will very soon include a new, visually-rich task type called "Sort and Rank". The task type is variation on a single-choice grid question whereby a series of "cards" can be placed into one or more "groups" by participants.

Cards and groups are defined with text and an optional image. Each card can be placed into one group and a group can hold many cards. What's more, within a group, cards can be ranked and to aid participants, a scale can be defined for each group (e.g. "Most Sour" to "Least Sour").

As done for other task types, completion of the Sort and Rank task type can be accomplished on any mobile device without degradation of the activity's visual richness. Each task submission is neatly summarized in the response stream and a rich overview area is provided for analysts with customizable charts and exportable data.

In a simple example, a group of 10 cards could be defined with only a single group. Participants could be asked to rank only 5 of the 10 cards by placing them into the group in a desired order. A more complex configuration will have multiple groups which allows items to be categorized and then ranked within those categories. We expect to see a lot of innovative use of this new task type and will expand its capabilities based on your feedback.

Philippe Dame
Co-Founder & CPO
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