Product Update: Video Playlists

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Sam MacDonald
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October 4, 2022

Recollective is an ideal platform for collecting and analyzing video for qualitative research. Participants can submit videos via their mobile devices, desktop webcams, or by joining live meetings and interviews. Recollective can already generate perfectly-timed video clips from text excerpts on video transcripts, all without any video editing software.

We are elevating our video capabilities with the release of Video Playlists. Study administrators can now group video clips into Playlists so that they can be sequenced, previewed and exported as highlight reels.

Note that product releases are rolled out progressively to all customers. If you don’t see new features on your site, don’t worry, they will arrive soon.

Video Playlists are part of a broader product update that is rolling out now to all Recollective sites. Customers will see the feature appear soon within their studies via the “Admin” and “Reports” menus.

Creating Video Playlists

New playlists can be created at any time; simply give the playlist a name, optional description, and select its visibility. Playlists can be viewed and managed by study Analysts and Moderators. Sharing a playlist with Clients is optional.

Create a video clip by highlighting the text in a video transcript. The clip will automatically be generated when the text excerpt is saved. Playlist options will then appear in the side panel above your excerpt codes. You can add the clip to an existing Video Playlist using the checkbox beside the playlist name or create a new one by selecting the 'Add' option.

Excerpts Report

This release also includes updates to the Excerpts Report which can be used to find and filter existing video clips for inclusion in one or more playlists.

Administrators can create playlists directly from the Excerpts Report page as well. To add an existing video clip to a playlist, simply click the 'Add to Playlist' option and select or create the desired playlist.

Playlists co-exist with Recollective’s coding feature. Codes can be used to tag individual excerpts with relevant key themes. Playlists can include video clips from a single code, a variety of codes, or clips that haven’t been coded at all.

Playlist Previewing and Editing

Within the playlist feature, editing, previewing and exporting has been made effortless.

Previewing a playlist directly within Recollective has many advantages such as direct access to the source content for each clip and rich participant profile data of the contributors.

An interactive playback bar appears below the playlist preview video highlighting the relative duration of each clip, while also simplifying selection and skipping within a clip. You can even drag the entire clip section to reposition it in the playlist.

Each video clip is listed below the playlist preview. The transcription of each clip is shown to make them easy to review. It also allows you to make small timing adjustments and re-order the clips via drag and drop.

Playlist Exporting

Recollective will provide two playlist export options to permit sharing of the playlists outside of the platform. This initial beta includes the first of the two options, which is an export of a playlist as separate video clips, in order, within a single ZIP file.

The second export option, which will arrive soon, goes further by combining the separate clips into a single video file with smooth transitions and customizable text overlays.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2022: Single Video File export is now available. Read our Product Update: Highlight Reels post for full feature details.

Recollective is investing in new video processing capabilities which is powering these new functionalities, reducing video processing times and improving the overall quality of videos generated.

Initial Beta Release

This "beta" release of Video Playlists is just the starting point. We’re looking forward to your feedback on how we can increase the impact of this feature. We welcome you to contact us to share your ideas!

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2022: This feature is no longer in Beta.

Other Product Updates

As mentioned above, Video Playlists is part of a broader product update. The latest release of Recollective includes a few other important enhancements:

  • Study visibility control for Message Templates
  • Improved webcam capture for Multimedia Tasks
  • Ability to select specific studies for Studies home page card

You can find more information on these new features, and subscribe to future updates, by visiting the Recollective Product Update website.

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