AI-Powered Qualitative Research

From planning and implementation to moderation and analysis, Recollective's vision for AI is to seamlessly integrate with every facet of the research process to deliver unprecedented efficiency and precision.

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The Recollective AI Vision

At Recollective, we're dedicated to revolutionizing research technology. Our mission: empower organizations to effortlessly uncover profound insights. Fueled by innovation, we bring cutting-edge AI to life across our qualitative research platform for unprecedented efficiency.
Picture a future where Recollective equips researchers with seamless AI integration, streamlining every aspect from planning to analysis. We're not just changing processes; we're redefining insight generation—making complexity simple and breakthroughs accessible.

AI-Powered Features

tailor your research

AI Transcription

Accurate transcriptions are foundational to unlock the full potential of your research and subsequent AI analysis. That's why Recollective uses the latest AI technology to achieve precise transcriptions that will transform your analysis of live meetings, asynchronously recorded audio, video and screen recordings.

AI Summaries

No Insight Left Behind

With accurate and reliable AI Summaries, you can delve into participant responses with confidence, knowing that no key insights will slip past you. Easily identify the most impactful thoughts and their sources, ensuring a thorough analysis of your data.

Recollective AI Summaries
Recollective AI Key Takeaways

AI Key Takeaways

Get an Objective Perspective

Recollective AI dives deeper into your data to surface prominent topics of conversation for consideration. This allows researchers to see with a fresh lens, mitigating biases and revealing potential patterns when comparing across focus groups and IDI sessions.

Study Objectives

Set a Course For AI Precision

Define specific Study Objectives to shape how Recollective AI identifies relevant patterns, themes and sentiments, aligning the outputs with your research goals.

Recollective AI Study Objectives

AI Innovation Roadmap

Recollective’s mission has always been to revolutionize research technology that helps organizations uncover deep and meaningful insights with ease. Through collaboration with our customers, we will continue introducing time-saving AI-powered features that will help researchers plan, implement, moderate and analyze studies more effectively on Recollective.

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Theme Detection

Make sense of unstructured data with auto theme detection

Coming Soon

Ask Questions

Get answers to any open ended questions of your data

At Directions/Seek, we aim to be innovative leaders, so we are looking at AI as a tool to improve efficiency, particularly with the unstructured data of qualitative research. The experience we have had with Recollective AI has been very valuable in identifying themes from group discussions and interviews, helping us validate nuances and helping kick-off our reporting process more efficiently.

Miguel Martínez-Bacó

VP, Research & Innovation Strategist

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Recollective AI: Privacy & Security

At Recollective, we prioritize the privacy and security of our customers' data. We address your questions related to generative AI capabilities on our platform in question & answer format in the following downloadable resource.
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Recollective AI

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start using Recollective AI?


New AI-powered features will be released progressively. Keep an eye out on our blog and social channels for updates!

How will I learn to use Recollective AI?


Recollective's integration of AI will not require special training as it will be carefully woven into the user experience. Like all our features, many supporting resources will be made available.

Do I have to use Recollective AI?


Recollective will allow customers to opt-out of AI features on their sites.

How much does Recollective AI cost?


We plan to develop a variety of AI features for Recollective. Many will be included with the base subscription while others may require separate add-ons.

Will my data be used to train AI models?


At no time will Recollective use customer data to train an AI model without prior consent.

How will my data be secured?


Rest assured that we are proceeding carefully and will implement AI in a way that meets all our contractual obligations regarding customer data ownership, security and privacy.

We have agreements with our sub-processors to ensure that there is no data retention for training models and that all AI services meet the privacy, confidentiality and security requirements of our customers.

This includes compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA.

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