Bring expertise in‑house with Recollective Certification

Whether you're an experienced online researcher familiar with Recollective or brand new to the industry, becoming certified is a great way to discover the vast depth of functionality in the Recollective platform and unlock new ways to use it for innovative research.

recollective certification

Certification Overview

Dive deeper into the worlds' most advanced online qual research platform. One size rarely fits all. Choose from three levels of certification based on your role and desired area of expertise.


for researchers who want to master all aspects of the platform


for partners that want to expand their services by screening, on-boarding and managing participants all within the Recollective platform


for researchers that want to hone in on the tools essential for moderation, analysis and reporting

Benefits of Certification

Certification means you're trained to program and use Recollective at a similar high standard as our in-house customer support consultants. Each level of certification offers unique benefits, for example:

Experts should find they can reduce programming time, have less dependence on Recollective for QuickStarts and fewer costs, while maximizing the value of their technology investment.
Moderators will be able to streamline the management of their study, leading to improved engagement, faster insights and more compelling analysis and reporting
Recruiters can apply to be a preferred partner, offer hands on support to participants and provide a superior level of service to their clients by doing the followups directly in Recollective

What You Need To Know

Course Pre-requisites

A solid understanding of qualitative research is essential. Familiarity with online tools is preferred. The certification has a "Backgrounds and Objectives" section and access to standard Recollective training sessions for anyone new to the platform.
course pre-requisites


Certification training is delivered online using Recollective. Work through videos, images and interactive articles followed by a quiz and short exercise for each course. Overall competency is assessed using final exams, sample guide programming and participant upload (depending on your chosen track).

Time Commitment

If you were to just focus on the courses, it takes around 3 to 5 days to absorb the learning, complete the exercises and take the final exams. In our experience though, researchers rarely have that luxury. We advise spreading the courses over 2 or 3 weeks to optimize learning.
time commitment


Recollective certification expires after 12 months. During your certification period, you receive free access to any new certification courses released. At the end of your certification period, you can choose to re-certify at a discounted rate and complete any outstanding updated courses.

Wear The Badge

wear the recollective certification badge

Certification grants the right to use the Recollective Certified badge on your website and in marketing content. You will also gain access to the expanding network of Recollective Certified professionals around the world in a private community of expertise (planned for late 2020).


Successful research demands more than just great technology. Recollective offers standard and optional services to deliver a solution tailored to your needs.

Certified Recollective Expert

$1500 per researcher

Certified Recollective Recruiter

$500 per recruiter

Certified Recollective Moderator

$1000 per moderator


Expert & Moderator: $500 / Recruiter: $250

Prices are in USD and valid for 2020, subject to change. Please enquire to confirm.
Discounts available for group certification and students.

Certification Course Outline

Course modules are subject to change as Recollective functionality expands. Please contact us to confirm latest outline.

recollective certification course outline
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