Certification FAQ

Earlier this week we hosted a webinar introducing the program. As part of the session, we included a Q&A to address any additional questions from the audience. There was some great feedback and wanted to follow up with a list of frequently asked questions to provide clarity around the Recollective Certification program.

We first began conceptualizing Recollective way back in 2010, releasing a beta version to early customers the following summer in 2011. At the time, the GRIT Report was still the Honomichl U.S. Top 50 Report and the companies listed were largely very unfamiliar to us.

Fast forward almost a decade later and we're very proud to see Recollective listed among them in the 2020 Grit Report. Not only that, but we've made it into three of the GRIT lists:

  • #39: Top Innovators
  • #16: Technology Providers
  • #22: Qualitative Researchers

Perhaps most thrilling is that Recollective is used to power online qual research for seven of the Top 10 Innovators!

From the very earliest days, our team have aimed to make qualitative research not only possible online, but to empower researchers around the world to do so quickly and easily. That ethos underpins everything we do - from our unique approach to clean, intuitive platform design through to rapid and extensive customer support.

Over the years we've come to understand that qualitative research has so many moving parts, the best contribution we can make is to keep everything as reliable as possible. We saw early on how qual techniques and quant scale often come together in research communities and have used all our expertise as a community platform software vendor to ensure Recollective scales to any population size, whilst leveraging our technical experience of what makes a platform social to ensure it stays intimate and engaging for participants.

The result, we're really proud to say, is a platform that's easy to use and fits a multitude of research purposes.

Our customers have helped us throughout this journey by providing constant feedback, ideas and their continued support. They've spread the word about Recollective to their colleagues and end clients and together we've grown our respective research capabilities and reach. We're very grateful for them and hope to continue expanding our businesses together for many years to come!

So, from everyone at Recollective, we'd like to express our thanks to our customers, our amazing employees and of course the Greenbook team behind the GRIT Report. This year has certainly been challenging, but we're so very excited about the future of online research and our place within it.

Sarah de Montigny
Research Services Manager

Let's research happy together