Do-It-Together Communities

Packages for long-term and always-on managed insight communities

Are you ready to connect with your customers in an ongoing and meaningful way but are not sure how to get started? Are you overwhelmed by the thought of venturing into this initiative alone but the high cost of a full service solution just doesn't fit your budget?

Then we have a solution for you! Recollective has partnered with Echo MR to offer "Do It Together" packages to help get your community off the ground and ensure its success. By doing it together, you receive generous planning, operational and analysis support whilst also retaining a hand in the research design and moderation.

Package options

Choose from any of the following packages to get started or reach out to us for customized options.

Not ready for a yearly commitment? Why not run a pilot on our Silver or Bronze Package for 3 months with the option to extend on a quarterly or yearly basis.

What you need to know!


A successful community starts off by recruiting the right members! But what defines a recruit can vary depending on who you partner with. Our packages are designed so that a "recruit" is not just someone who qualifies for your community during the screening process. They must also accept a welcome invitation to join, log into the community and complete at least one activity. The prices included in the package reflect an Incidence Rate of >50% and up to a 15 minute screener for US participants which can be adjusted depending on your target.

Consultation and Setup

Ensure your community begins the best way possible by discussing your objectives with our team of community experts. We’ll guide you through the planning and design process and train you on the platform. After the structure has been decided, we’ll program your community site, upload the participants and send out the welcome invitations.

Ongoing Community Management and Monitoring

It’s easy to underestimate the time it takes to manage and monitor a community and many researchers don't have enough time to focus on the participant experience. With our DIT packages you can leave it to us to monitor your community, ensure code of conduct compliance, troubleshoot issues, answer participant questions, review and approve community discussion topics and manage member communications.

Research Activities

DIT means that you still have a hand in the research by designing your research activities and moderating (if you choose). We’ll provide suggestions and guidance on how to improve your activities to optimize for engagement. We’ll program them, field and then monitor the responses as they come in. A "Research Activity" is defined as an activity designed for the goal of meeting research objectives and not purely for member engagement. Package pricing includes up to 8 hours of programming per activity.

Topline Reports

Our platinum package also includes Topline Reports (8-12 slides) that showcase high level findings from Research Activities, Recollective-generated reports and quotes from participants.

Engagement Activities

Leave it to our team to help create the most engaging community experience possible. We’ll design, program, field and monitor engagement activities at a frequency determined by the package you select. An "Engagement Activity" is defined as an activity designed to engage and interest community members and is not tied to a research objective. Typical engagement content takes no more than 10 minutes of a member's time to complete and up to 20 minutes to program.

Monthly Snapshot Reports

Let our team take the lead on shifting through all of the responses to discussions and Engagement Activities. We’ll put them into a concise format that you can easily read through each month. Our Monthly Snapshot Reports will also highlight any key trends or themes that we see emerging from non-research driven activities.

Quarterly Health Reports

Keep a pulse on member participation and know when it's time to refresh your community by reviewing the Quarterly Health Reports. Each report will provide:

  • Statistics on the number of members who join, open emails and participate in the community
  • Overall participation rates by topic, segment and demographics
  • Summary of sentiment on responses from members
  • Recommendations on replacement opportunities along with any issues that need to be addressed
  • The status of incentive payments

Incentive Management and Fulfillment

We’ll do the heavy lifting of handing community incentives. Our team will track points through the Recollective platform and pay out members via Tango Card, which is a digital gift card where recipients can choose from 100+ different vendors, including a Visa gift card. We will periodically reset points and handle any questions or issues members have regarding their rewards. Note that the funds necessary to distribute the Incentive will be billed separate to the DIT package costs.

Panel Refreshment (optional)

By including this package, you have the option to remove and replace participants at any interval that you deem appropriate based on the engagement of your community. Each refresh will be billed separately per your package rate and assumes replacing up to 25% of the members per the recruitment assumptions above. Our team will review all segments, add and remove members as needed, program an updated questionnaire, launch and monitor throughout the refresh process.

Surveys (optional)

We realize that you may need to take a quantitative approach within your community. Each of these packages enables you to integrate a survey tool into Recollective or lean on our team to handle them through our preferred partner's software. Similar to Research Activities, your team will write and provide the survey and we will program, test, launch and monitor the responses as they come in. We will also provide a Topline report that is a factual summary of responses and includes charts auto-generated by the platform along with the raw data (note this does not include analysis). Please reach out for a per project price for this option.

Core Platform Pricing

In each of the managed packages, Recollective platform pricing includes:

  • Unlimited Administrator Accounts
  • Unlimited DIY Activities, Tasks and Discussion Topics
  • Access to all question types and engagement tools
  • Online training courses and webinars
  • Technical support
  • 1,000 standard video mins and discounted live video mins (annual licenses only)

Platform licenses include the ability to split the total number of participants across 5 concurrently open studies and unlimited studies over the term. Upgrades can be purchased to increase capacity if required.

Do-It-Together Communities

Recollective Do-It-Together Packages

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Recollective Do-It-Together Packages

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