Mini Webinar - Zoomed In: Fill the Blanks

Learn how to creatively use the Fill the Blanks Task Type across a variety of different online research applications.

Welcome to Recollective Zoomed-In, a mini webinar series that looks at different parts of the Recollective qualitative research platform and highlights how you can use specific features to make your studies and reports more engaging.

In today's session, we take a deep dive into Recollective's Fill the Blanks Task to showcase a few different ways you can creatively use this Task Type across a variety of different research applications.

In this video, we highlight how you can use Fill The Blanks to create custom forms, test stimuli, create a madlibs exercise and more! We'll also touch on how you can streamline your analysis and make your reports more visually engaging by customizing your data output right within the Recollective platform.

We hope you enjoy the short 12 minute video. And stay tuned for more videos in our Zoomed-In series to learn how you can take your research to the next level.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to request a demo.

Kristian Durst
Research Strategist

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