Research Strategy Group partners with Ramius and Recollective

Ramius Corporation ( announced today that Research Strategy Group ( has chosen the Recollective Professional platform to power their rsgIncubate online community offering.

Predictive research pioneer Research Strategy Group chooses Recollective® to power their online community solutions

Ottawa, Canada – December, 2014 Ramius Corporation ( announced today that Research Strategy Group ( has chosen the Recollective Professional platform to power their rsgIncubate online community offering.

“We like Recollective because the respondent experience is so enjoyable. And from our side, since rsgIncubate is a co-creation platform, and our communities are small and heavily moderated, we need to be able to go in depth with the consumer. Recollective is the perfect solution for our totally custom offering.” Jim Peterson, Managing Director Recollective was designed with the primary purpose of helping organizations make better business decisions. That goal meshes perfectly with Research Strategy Group’s focus on predictive research to help their clients make better decisions based on what’s going to happen.“The Recollective platform dovetails nicely with our proprietary prediction market, rsgPredict. The combination of co-creation and prediction represent real innovation for our clients.” Anne Coulter, Managing DirectorRecollective Professional is a white-label, multi-purpose research platform that makes it possible for agencies like Research Strategy Group to not only impose their own visual style and branding on an online research community, but to add their own flair and creativity to how it’s used.“RSG are constantly looking for ways to innovate which is exactly what we’re trying to do with Recollective,” said Stephen Thompson, EVP of Ramius. “We’re really excited about how they’re using the software and are looking forward to a very successful relationship.”About Recollective®Recollective is a cloud-based online research platform for marketing research agencies and brands. Combining social features including online community, an activity-based workflow and full support for all mobile devices, Recollective allows researchers to conduct online studies that engage participants more fully and closely than ever before to identify valuable insights accurately, efficiently and economically. Launched in November 2011, Recollective was designed by Ramius in collaboration with leading market research agencies. More information can be found at Ramius® CorporationRamius Corporation is privately ­held Canadian company focused on the development of cloud­-based social software for engagement and research. Ramius has implemented online community systems and social networking platforms for millions of consumers and at hundreds of enterprises including SAP, NASA, Honeywell, Kaiser Permanente, Ciena, Sony, Nikon, Dreamworks and the World Bank.Founded in 1998, Ramius is based in the Ottawa region and developed Recollective to meet the evolving needs of the world’s most innovative and visionary market researchers. About RSGrsg is a marketing consultancy with offices in Toronto and Los Angeles, and in 2015 will be opening in Las Vegas. Since 1994, we’ve pushed to innovate. What makes us different? Predictive research. Research can be used to learn why something happened, but we use tools like rsgIncubator and rsgPredict to help our clients learn what to expect. That’s a critical difference, and one that can mean success instead of failure. rsgPsychoanalytics help us understand the psychology behind why consumers behave in certain ways, and we use those insights to give clients a different perspective on the market. The ways we approach segmentation and optimization get at the heart of what consumers think and feel. This, simply, leads to better results. rsg. See the future. Media contact - Ramius Stephen ThompsonExecutive Vice PresidentEmail: Media contacts - rsgJim PetersonManaging DirectorEmail: jimpeterson@rsginc.netPhone: 416-928-1575Anne CoulterManaging DirectorEmail: annecoulter@rsginc.netPhone: 647-438-9182

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