Study Graphic Design Package

Take your Recollective site to the next level by working with an implementation expert to fully brand and design your study space in record time.

The Recollective Graphic Design Package includes 3 hours of service from a Recollective team specialist.

We’ll begin with a kick-off call to discuss your design needs, preferences and expectations. The remaining time will be spent on designing your site and a sample study based on that discussion.

  • Site-level branding includes default colours, a site logo, tab icon (favicon), and a login background
  • Study-level branding includes one sample study:
  • Home Page background, images, colours and sample home page cards with placeholder content.
  • An activity with tasks to demonstrate how to best incorporate similar design elements into your activities.
  • If required, a Discussions area introduction, two sample discussion categories and a sample discussion topic.

A follow-up call will be held to present the final design and offer design implementation suggestions.

Change requests are permitted up to the prepaid time. Additional study spaces can be designed for an additional cost (1 hour per study).

Creative Requirements

  • Preferred colours and colour palette (specific colours specified as HEX or RGB values are ideal).
  • Brief overview of the brand and/or study purpose and its participants.
  • If provided, any supplied images must be high resolution (i.e. width of 1920px or greater)
  • Stock photograph suggestions can be incorporated and/or used as guidance in the design direction (e.g. free images are available at
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Download PDF

Download PDF

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