Webinar: Delivering Quick Turnaround Research with Recollective

As part of GreenBook's Agile Research series, we highlight how Recollective can be used to deliver quick-turn research through the feedback cycle.

Last week, we had the pleasure of showcasing how Recollective can be used for Agile Research as part of Greenbook’s Insights Tech Showcase. Within the demonstration, our COO, Stephen Thompson, highlights how the platform can be used to deliver quick-turn research through the Build- Test- Measure- Iterate cycle.

Watch the entire webinar below to see how Recollective’s suite of customizable features can help you:

  1. Build (setup): Learn how Recollective can help streamline the setup process and get your projects into field faster.
  2. Test (execute): See how our suite of participant management and moderation tools help automate the process once your study is in field.
  3. Measure (analyze): Discover how Recollective’s automated charts and data visualization helps researcher quickly identify key themes to cut down on analysis time.
  4. Iterate: Explore how Recollective’s flexible licenses, panel management tools and cloning features can reduce the time to iterate and conduct new phases of research.

See something you like? Have any questions? Reach out to our team to see how Recollective can be right for you.

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