What services are included as standard?

A standard Recollective license is more than just a DIY platform. We provide training, site checks and tech support to ensure your project’s success.

When you make the decision to run your project using Recollective, you'll get immediate access to a wealth of support. That includes training, ongoing technical support, access to the knowledge base and best practice advice, plus optional services for programming your guide, research design consults, technical platform integration and more.

Recollective's Service and Support team is staffed with highly experienced team members who support hundreds of projects each month. They've seen almost everything, from routine to ground-breaking methodologies and love speaking with researchers!

Here's a summarized breakdown of the standard support included in every Recollective license. Please download the article for full details.

Admin Access for Programming

When you purchase Recollective, we'll provision a new site for you to build out your study. You'll receive secure Administrator access credentials that will allow you to customize your Recollective experience prior to the launch of your actual project.

Change Launch Date

Customer delays, recruiting complications and a hundred other reasons can cause project launch schedules to change. Recollective is incredibly flexible at allowing you to self-adjust both your license start dates and your Activity rollout schedule.


Every Recollective customer has full access to all of our available training material. Whether you're working on a self-built DIY project or having us program for you via our Quickstart service, you can always attend any one of our Recollective training webinars.


Our Training webinars are pre-recorded and accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world. In them, we cover everything you need to know when it comes to building, launching and analyzing your research project in Recollective. In addition, we also run daily Q&A webinar sessions in case you have any follow-up questions!

Knowledge Base

Outside of our training webinars, we have a library of knowledge base articles and tutorials on how to effectively use Recollective. Everything from building basic activities, all the way to screening participants or integrating directly with an external panel source!

Technical Support

Technical support comes standard with every Recollective project. Our dedicated Services team members can provide you with troubleshooting on any technical issues or general research-related questions you may have.

Pre-Launch Check

For every project you sign with us, you may receive one complimentary Pre-Launch Check (PLC) review. Provided you notify us that you've finished your programming and set up at least a day in advance of your project going live, one of our expert Services team members will review your entire site and study setup. Once reviewed, you’ll receive a detailed report listing important setting and setup suggestions.

Post-Study Admin Access

Once participant access ends for your project, you'll continue to receive access to your Recollective site for 4 weeks to conduct any further data analysis and export the assets out of the system. During this process, you retain all of our standard support mechanics mentioned above!

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Standard Recollective Services

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