Why Choose Recollective?

In this article, we walk through the top reasons why you should consider using Recollective for your next online research project.

In today’s ever-changing ResTech world, one thing is certain: the options out there are endless. In a sea of research technologies offering varying degrees of similar solutions, researchers might be asking themselves “why Recollective?”

In this article, we’ll walk through the top reasons why researchers should consider using Recollective for their next online qualitative project and highlight what sets us apart from the crowd.

We have stood the test of time

Recollective has an established footprint in the MR space with more than 10 years of experience helping customers transform the way they approach online qualitative research. In fact, even before that, we built online community solutions for a global base of enterprise customers including NASA and SAP.

Since Recollective’s launch in 2011 we’ve continued to innovate and expand the platform's technology to meet our customer’s evolving needs and move the industry forward. Despite today's economic uncertainty, we remain a stable, reliable option for qualitative researchers looking to bring their projects online.

We are the ultimate one-stop shop platform

Our comprehensive toolkit equips researchers with everything they need to run their projects all from the convenience of ONE platform. Design studies in a variety of different ways by leveraging asynchronous and live activities all within the same study space. Then execute with ease by screening potential participants directly in the platform, invite them using a built-in messaging system, target activities to specific audiences, manage participants, collect responses, moderate, analyze data and export key themes, charts and highlight reels to be used in reporting. One platform means centralized data and a streamlined user experience for everyone involved.

We are designed with flexibility in mind

We recognize that each project is unique which is why we’ve built more than a dozen different Task Types that you can use in a variety of ways. By leveraging a combination of qualitative and quantitative Tasks, researchers are empowered to design more engaging studies - ultimately leading to better retention, higher response rates and better quality responses. From live focus groups to insight communities, UX testing to digital ethnographies or journaling to mobile missions, Recollective’s diverse built-in suite of Tasks and Activities are sure to meet all your research needs and more!

We have a keen eye for design

Our sleek and modern interface creates a lasting impression but the benefits of Recollective’s design go beyond its looks. We’ve meticulously curated an intuitive layout that makes our technology incredibly easy to navigate. This is particularly important because it allows researchers to focus their energy on what is most important - the research; not troubleshooting issues.

We believe in making things personal

Our dynamic Home Page has a variety of customization options that make it possible for researchers to personalize their studies and create a welcoming space for participants. By leveraging interactive cards, researchers can share photos and videos to introduce themselves which helps humanize the digital experience and makes participants more inclined to share on a personal level. In addition, researchers can target information, content, Activities and questions to specific participants throughout the study (without others feeling excluded) to create a personalized research experience for every single participant.

We understand the need for speed

A common pitfall that researchers face is underestimating the time it can take to go through a large volume of data. While it can be overwhelming, our platform was designed to streamline that process and help researchers distill information quickly. Recollective’s robust set of analytical and reporting tools helps researchers spot themes, customize output and export supporting material to tell the research story in a compelling way.

We can lend a helping hand

Whether researchers choose to run their projects completely DIY or need a little extra support along the way, our specialized teams are here to help. From research consultations and activity guide reviews to custom training, programming, participant onboarding and more, Recollective’s in-house support services can help make every project a success!

We have nothing to hide

We’ve poured our heart and soul into developing a very powerful platform that we’re proud to sell and support. We have nothing to hide and provide full transparency to our customers about what Recollective offers to ensure their expectations are met with reality.

Want to see more? Contact us today for a tour of our platform and request your own demo site today!

Why Choose Recollective?

Why Choose Recollective

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