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Recollective is an award-winning software developer focused on marketing research and online communities. For over 25 years, we've worked with some of the world’s largest and most ambitious organizations, continuously innovating our software and services as their requirements evolve. The result is a proven software platform that businesses depend on to meet their most critical needs–quickly, easily, securely and affordably.

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CR Research trusts recollective qualitative online research platform
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Wayfair trusts recollective qualitative online research platform

Our story

Originally founded as Ramius Corporation in 1998 in Ottawa, Canada, Recollective’s driving purpose has always been the same: developing cloud-based social software to help people engage and share.

Our first two software products, CommunityZero® and Sixent®, simplified engagement and collaboration between consumers and across enterprises. From our experience in building and delivering these products to companies such as SAP, NASA and Kaiser Permanente, we learned what it takes to meet the high standards that today’s organizations demand.

Phillipe Dame and Alfred Jay Co-Founders of Recollective
Recollective co-founders Philippe Dame and Alfred Jay.

By 2009, more and more market research organizations were using CommunityZero® and Sixent® to conduct qualitative research. That’s when we realized there was an opportunity to bring a new offering to the market: community-driven qualitative market research software.

Since launching Recollective in 2011, we’ve worked diligently in collaboration with our research customers and industry thought leaders to continually innovate that dream product. To this day, those early experiences guide how our software is designed, built and supported.

When businesses choose Recollective for their research today, they can act with confidence, knowing that we are committed to pushing the boundaries of functionality, scalability, depth and flexibility of features, to deliver a secure product that helps them reach their goals.



Ramius Corporation is founded

Founders Alfred Jay and Philippe Dame aim to develop online community software as a service.


Launch of CommunityZero® online communities web service

CommunityZero® user base grows virally to exceed 1.5M users and 150,000 communities worldwide within two years. Achieves ranking within the world's top 2,000 websites by traffic.


Launch of Sixent® for social networking-based enterprise collaboration

Sixent® attracts leading organizations as customers including IEEE, Ciena, CCH Teammate and United Methodist Church (Women).


Launch of Recollective® for qualitative market research projects and communities

Recollective launches to its first customers with an innovative set of qualitative research and community capabilities.


Ramius Corporation becomes Recollective Inc.

Ramius adopts a new corporate name in recognition of the growth and dedicated focus on Recollective®


Recollective's 10-year product anniversary

Recollective® has grown into a market-leading platform with a robust feature set and offered in over 25 languages. Recollective is used by over 1200 research organizations around the world.


25th Corporate Anniversary

Recollective celebrates 25 years in business since it was founded as Ramius Corporation in 1998. It's an amazing milestone but we're not done yet!

Recollective Headquarters

Located within the World Exchange Plaza in downtown Ottawa, our new offices are only steps from Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal, countless restaurants and other amenities. Our office offers employees a compelling space to escape the home office and collaborate with colleagues. Take a virtual 3D tour


Visitors are greeted by an open reception area and lounge
recollective reception area


The stunning boardroom overlooks beautiful downtown Ottawa
recollective boardroom

Open Area

A ribbon of windows surround the open desk areas with shared meeting rooms along the inside
open area at recollective office

Dining & Kitchen

The large dining room and kitchen are home to social gatherings and special events
kitchen and dining area recollective office

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