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As a software business in the market research industry, Recollective understands the critical necessity to protect the privacy and maintain the security of customer data. It's woven into everything we do, from platform features to process and infrastructure, we never compromise on your data security needs.

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Compliant and Adaptive

Recollective meets or exceeds the current requirements for all major international data privacy and security laws. That includes GDPR (EU and UK versions), CCPA, Canada’s PIPEDA as well as specific industry laws such as US HIPAA.

We’re a member of ESOMAR and adhere to their global research standards.

Our legal experts monitor changes to global legislation to ensure our contractual agreements and service delivery continues to meet all obligations and that in turn, you can meet yours.

Built In Privacy Controls

Privacy and data security controls permeate the Recollective platform. Available to Administrator users, those features make it simple to configure your site for privacy.

Additionally, many other best practices such as data encryption, anti-virus protection, content filtering and more automatically protect all data stored in the platform.

So whether you're running a study anonymously or have to capture detailed PII, Recollective provides the capabilities you need to do it with complete confidence and security.

tailor your research

Be Confident In Your Audience

To ensure the integrity of your research, it’s essential that you can trust your participants.

Recollective provides numerous ways to authenticate and screen participants to gain confidence they’re both real and the people you intended to invite.

From typical complex passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA), through to OAuth, OKTA and Single-Sign On automations, our industry-leading platform can securely connect to any external user source.

Recollective is the best solution for online communities and qualitative projects. The platform’s usage is very intuitive, and the new features for analyzing the results are helpful in gaining insights and addressing the project’s objectives faster and more efficiently.

Ana Vanegas
Vice President,

We consider the Recollective platform best-in-class and our ultimate technology asset in delivering high impact insights at scale and with speed.

Jennifer Adams
SVP, Digital Hives & Online Communities,

Recollective is the best option when it comes to simplicity and all the segmentation functionalities. The other platforms lack this many segmentation options as you offer.

Héctor Torrealba
PM Team Leader,

We have used the Recollective platform to power The Cambridge Panel - our online research community of teachers from around the world - for over two years, and in that relatively short period they have become an invaluable partner.

Rob Hardy
Head of Insight,

Our programer understood our objectives and activity guide well, and used her expertise to ensure that our programming would be engaging to participants whilst best answering our research questions. We would love to work with the Recollective team again.

Katherine Mai

The team went above and beyond to ensure that we felt comfortable with using Recollective. They took time to walk us through each step and made us feel at ease to move forward. Kudos to you all!

Yomaira Barredo
PM Team Leader,

Incredible assistance. Your team goes above and beyond. Fast and valuable advice. Service is next level. Appreciate you!

Jenna Beales
Senior Consultant, Qualitative Research,
tailor your research

World-class Hosting and Infrastructure

Recollective is hosted within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Using AWS, we’re able to ensure Recollective can scale to meet even the most demanding conditions.

We use only world-class sub processors such as Microsoft Azure, Google, Salesforce and Twilio to ensure every part of the Recollective system is delivered reliably and securely.

Every Day Customer Data Security

Having strong technical platform capabilities and infrastructure is only half the solution. Recollective’s people and processes are just as secure, designed with customer data privacy and protection at their core.

From our hiring process through to regular employee training and evaluations, process redesign and more, from the moment you begin a conversation with Recollective, we’re working to protect your data.

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