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The leading qualitative research platform for more than a decade, Recollective's full featured suite of asynchronous and live video tools make the most innovative online research not only possible, but enjoyable.

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Asynchronous And Live In One Platform

Recollective provides the ideal foundation to bring the research you dream of to life. With a comprehensive feature set of both asynchronous and live research capabilities, you have the flexibility and power for innovative qualitative research, all in one platform.
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Activity-Based Research

Quickly transform your research guide into reality using Activities. Each Activity can contain any combination of asynchronous tasks for participants to complete, journals, video IDIs and focus groups or collaborative text chat sessions.

Your research guide determines the sequence and conditions of these Activities, as well as who should complete them and how visible the responses will be.

Explore Activities

Question Types

Choose from a wide variety of question types to solicit both qualitative and quantitative responses when building out your research.

Recollective offers a growing library that includes open text, photo, video, screen recording, audio, file uploads, image and video markup (with heat maps), card sorting and ranking, grids, fill-the-blank, polls and more!

Question Types


Recollective Discussions are the perfect way to stimulate collaboration and keep your community highly engaged.

Interact with participants in public or private threaded discussions. Start the topics yourself or let the community create their own. Each topic and response supports text, photos and videos and can be liked or disliked to create a vibrant research conversation.


Recollective is the best solution for online communities and qualitative projects. The platform’s usage is very intuitive, and the new features for analyzing the results are helpful in gaining insights and addressing the project’s objectives faster and more efficiently.

Ana Vanegas
Vice President,

We consider the Recollective platform best-in-class and our ultimate technology asset in delivering high impact insights at scale and with speed.

Jennifer Adams
SVP, Digital Hives & Online Communities,

Recollective is the best option when it comes to simplicity and all the segmentation functionalities. The other platforms lack this many segmentation options as you offer.

Héctor Torrealba
PM Team Leader,

We have used the Recollective platform to power The Cambridge Panel - our online research community of teachers from around the world - for over two years, and in that relatively short period they have become an invaluable partner.

Rob Hardy
Head of Insight,

Our programer understood our objectives and activity guide well, and used her expertise to ensure that our programming would be engaging to participants whilst best answering our research questions. We would love to work with the Recollective team again.

Katherine Mai

The team went above and beyond to ensure that we felt comfortable with using Recollective. They took time to walk us through each step and made us feel at ease to move forward. Kudos to you all!

Yomaira Barredo
PM Team Leader,

Incredible assistance. Your team goes above and beyond. Fast and valuable advice. Service is next level. Appreciate you!

Jenna Beales
Senior Consultant, Qualitative Research,

Video In-Depth Interviews

Unleash the power of virtual in-depth interviews (IDIs) in Recollective.

Capture every moment streamed live from desktop or mobile devices. Collaborate with your client and translators in a private Backroom while the conversation progresses, share screens and other stimuli with participants, then create video clips and highlight reels from the AI-powered transcripts.

Live Video Interviews

Digital Focus Groups

Recollective’s Live Group Chat activity enables researchers to securely engage up to 25 people on video or hundreds in a live text chat room.

Share stimuli, ask poll questions and allow multiple researchers to moderate the conversation. With speaker identification, direct private chat, attendance tracking plus Recollective's AI-powered transcripts and summarization, you have everything necessary to engage in real-time conversations at unprecedented scale.

Live Video Groups

Reporting and Analysis

Extract and share the most impactful insights from your research quickly and with ease. Visualize and analyze your data online, create excerpts and video clips from auto-generated transcripts then share curated content with your stakeholders.

AI-powered Insights

Qualitative research generates vast amounts of information, especially when conducted at scale. Recollective includes the very latest generative AI features to summarize and understand key information from large, qualitative data sets with a single click.

By arming researchers with AI-powered tools, Recollective helps to dramatically reduce the time and cost of analysis work, liberating researchers to dive deeper into the insights and drive enhanced value.

Recollective AI

Reports & Transcripts

Make the most of the data you collect using Recollective’s extensive analysis and reporting tools.

Filter by activity, segments or person when reviewing response streams, charts and data tables. Drill into word clouds to quickly spot key themes and collaborate to save and code important excerpts. Download curated reports and export rich data transcripts and media instantly in convenient formats such as PDF and Excel.

Reports & Transcripts

Customizable Participant Experience

With the power and flexibility of the Recollective platform, you can easily customize the research experience for your participants. By creating a welcoming home base, reinforcing your brand and building a vibrant social environment, Recollective customers are able to drive stronger engagement and higher completion rates, save time and reduce recruiting costs because participants truly enjoy the research experience.

Onboarding & Custom Home Page Experiences

Seamlessly bring your research participants into Recollective using a guided file upload, email invitation, shared link or via a technical integration from an existing system.

The onboarding process can create custom profile fields and segments, screen participants using various questions or videos, balance recruiting quotas against segments and collect acceptance to custom user terms. When complete, direct your participants to a customizable Home Page to get your research off to a great start.

Building a Homepage

Social Collaboration

The first research platform to introduce Activity Streams, commenting, ratings, leaderboards, collaborative Backrooms, built in @messaging and more, Recollective offers extensive social and collaboration features to empower your researchers, clients and participants.

Social Features

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