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Read how Experian was able to double community membership and increase engagement by migrating their community to Recollective.

In 2017, Experian migrated their long running voicesHUB online community onto Recollective and used its broader set of qualitative and quantitative functionality to facilitate more engaging and informative research.


In 2009 Experian established voicesHUB, an online community comprised of 100 members, in order to provide the company with quick, agile, actionable insights. The key purpose was to keep a pulse on consumer needs to generate customized recommendations that help them build credit and boost their score.


Although the community was helping Experian meet their goals of being more consumer centric, they were looking to take the community to the next level in terms of membership and engagement. Their platform could not keep up with the evolving requirements of member experience and research execution, with severe limitations for:

  • Task types - restricting the type of research they could conduct within the community
  • Segmentation tools - restricting how they could target research and analyze the data
  • Integration - lacked the functionality needed to incorporate survey tools and outside panels for recruitment causing unnecessary delays and expenses
  • UI - lack of advancement meant a dated user experience and poor engagement rates


With a need to grow the community and increase engagement, Experian went on the hunt to find a community platform that could provide all of the functionality required to propel voicesHUB to the next level. Not only did Experian need a partner that could fill in the gaps, but they also wanted to ensure that the company could serve as an extension of their team to accommodate future requests and keep the tech up to date.

By partnering with Recollective, Experian was able to:

  • Integrate various panel partners into the community, streamlining the recruiting and refreshment processes leading to higher initial engagement and sustainable community growth
  • Expand their research tool-kit with a broader set of activities, discussions and task types facilitating more engaging and informative research
  • Integrate outside survey tools expanding the types of research that could be conducted within the community
  • Target segments of participants more effectively to better close the loop between customer and company


Since migrating the community to Recollective in 2017, Experian has been able to double community membership and increase engagement significantly.

Recollective has become their trusted partner when it comes to running voicesHUB. Now in their third year working together, they continue to strengthen the relationship by exploring new capabilities and co-presenting at conferences such as IIeX North America 2019.

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Experian voicesHUB

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