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Digital techniques continue to transform the research industry and we're proud that Recollective is leading the evolution of online qualitative research. We're committed to helping educational institutions bring practical know-how to students and use online qual internally.

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Qualitative Research Program Teaching License

Recollective software and support are free to any university, college or individual student for use in their education or as part of a marketing research course or module.

The Recollective team has invested many hours to tailor training and assignments that help our students gain critical skills as they become confident in working directly with real research participants....The team at Recollective is a joy to work with and a key to our success.

Mike Mickunas, Professor of Market Research Education
Michigan State University

Educational resources

Lesson plan outlines, training curriculum information and access to online training courses are provided for all students and teachers.

Not-for-profit license

Discounted licenses are available for your organization's internal use on non-teaching, commercial research projects.

Learn how students in Algonquin College's
MRBI course use Recollective

algonquin college case study recollective

The post-graduate course in Marketing Research & Business Intelligence at Algonquin College has a reputation for teaching innovative techniques. In 2012, shortly after Recollective was formally launched, the MRBI program adopted Recollective as part of their curriculum. Since then, students have graduated from the program with a deeper understanding and practical experience of online qualitative research. Having hands-on access to a leading-edge "made-in-Canada" online qualitative solution has given MRBI graduates a valuable skill set to offer prospective employers.

Nancy Johansen, MRBI Course Professor (2010-2019),
Algonquin College

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