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Recollective stands at the forefront of technology companies in the market research industry and we are seeking talented individuals who share our core values to join our growing team.

Our welcoming culture values hard work, excellence, humility and kindness. We communicate with unparalleled transparency and provide opportunities people need to grow and do their best work.

Let's build the future together

Working at Recollective

Some people excel in a more formal hierarchy, with a precise job description, a standard 9-5 routine or an environment where your path forward is pre-defined in a traditional way.
This is not that kind of place. At Recollective, everyone is a driver - there are no passengers and no excuses as we continue to build our company together.
If you are customer-obsessed, inspired to find your own new challenges and opportunities, energized by fast-paced change and driven to blaze our own trail… you will be happy here.

Our Culture

Our culture took root long ago and recently we used our own platform to engage all our employees in defining our core values collaboratively. You can read about how we easily gathered input from our people around the world and used our own Recollective software to transform the data into insights that ultimately shaped our core values.
At Recollective, our unique backgrounds, personalities, life experiences and beliefs contribute to our individuality. Collectively, these qualities have fostered a corporate culture that we take pride in, anchored by a set of core values that unite us as a team.

“What I find most inspiring is the opportunity to achieve career development within (the company). I see this currently with other colleagues who maybe started in support and are now Senior Account Managers or Leads”

Maria Barahona
Customer Support Specialist

"I have noticed that people truly want you to feel included and I'm being encouraged to participate in the forward movement of the company no matter the level of my role. I feel like the work I do at recollective has a direct impact and I'm inspired to help contribute to the overall growth of the company and the individuals around me."

Ocho Ekere
Sales Development Representative

"I really like the feeling that my contributions to the product and company make a difference. I like the ambition of the dev team and the company as a whole. I always feel like there's interesting new challenges and opportunities to learn new skills, or develop my existing ones. The teamwork and mentorship I've received from the rest of the team has also been excellent."

Skyler Gubbels
Software Engineer

"The workplace feels friendly and supportive, there's a lot of flexibility that makes me feel supported and valued. I feel like my managers care about my career growth and check in regularly with me."

Alissa Barry
Customer Support Specialist

"Recollective has a company culture that is very open and welcoming, you feel as though you are not just a production tool but a valued member of a much larger team. I feel as though the culture of this company values each member as a whole and together we raise each other up. I feel valued, understood, and appreciated in a way that has been lacking in other companies."

Alex Harrison
Customer Support Specialist

"I enjoy working in such a supportive environment. As a remote employee I never feel isolated or alone as everyone is always open and available to assist each other. There is a true team environment at Recollective."

Terri Sorenson
Implementation Consultant

"It's exciting to come into work with a team around me that is fully committed to executing their best work. There's a strong sense of pride knowing that people push themselves to get the best results, or come up with the best ideas, to help move the team (and business) forward."

Amit Abrol
Director, Sales Development

"Recollective is one of the best places to work, because we have the most innovative platform with a clear competitive advantage, we have the best people, experts in each of the areas, and there is an innovative culture as well as a friendly and diverse environment. The leadership team shows a strong passion towards the platform and the whole team. They respect your ideas, background and expertise."

Norma Perez
Sales Associate

"The culture is friendly, and inclusive. I feel that no matter what position or department you're in, everyone is treated the same way to the point you don't know where in the hierarchy the person you are talking to is. The culture has embedded the idea that everyone works towards the same goal and everyone tries to play a part in making sure they're helping achieve those goals."

Raymond Giu
Senior Data Analyst

Core Values

These core values serve as our compass, helping us maintain our corporate culture by hiring candidates with aligned values, shaping our programs and policies and guiding our actions and decisions.

embrace transparency

Embrace transparency.

We communicate with unparalleled transparency and trust each other with the truth. We keep our promises to our customers and each other. We try to do the right thing, not the easy thing, every time.

Focus on growth.

With curiosity and passion, we find new ways to grow our product, our business and ourselves. We strive with an entrepreneurial spirit to learn, support and help each other grow with each new experience and each new day.

focused on growth
pursue excellence

Pursue excellence.

We passionately build, sell and support a world class product. We are customer obsessed and always go the extra mile (and then some) to deliver excellence. We do our best work every day

Be human.

We make the world at work and the world outside of work better for people. We help our team win by helping the people on our team win. We act with compassion and treat people with kindness and respect.

being human
do it together-teamwork

Do it together.

We are a diverse team of talented individuals. We value our differences and leverage our unique skills and experiences to harvest new ideas and better solutions. We know that we can only reach our goals by getting there together

So many reasons people are happy to work here

be well at recollective

Be well at Recollective

We are proud to offer our people a full suite of wellness related benefits and policies from the first day they join Recollective.

innovate and iterate

Innovate and iterate

Recollective is the third major software platform we've released since the company was founded in 1998.

we're fighters

We're fighters

Recollective has survived the dotcom crash, the financial crash and the pandemic, coming back from each stronger and smarter than ever.

stay connected

Stay Connected

Our Global Social Squad creates opportunities for our people around the world to connect virtually and in-person so that every Recollective team member, regardless of role, department, tenure or geography, feels connected and engaged.

giving back

Giving back

Our corporate social responsibility program, Recollective Good Deeds is designed to foster grassroots ideas for us to work together to give back and enrich the lives of people in the communities where we live and work.

we're global

We’re global

Recollective has over 1500 customers spread across 40+ countries on 5 continents around the world.

recollective is proudly canadian

Proudly Canadian

Established and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada we have a diverse, multi-cultural workforce spread across 7 provinces, 4 states and 5 countries.

recollective is uber cool

Uber cool

Our original company name, Ramius, was inspired by Captain Marko Ramius in the movie The Hunt for Red October.

we're in this together

We’re in this together

Every week our CEO, Alfred, hosts company-wide meetings to share business updates, industry news and celebrate new hires and milestones.

always getting better

Always getting better

Through our grassroots innovation program, Recollective Minnovations, we constantly strive for advancement - small or large - one mini innovation at a time.

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