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Whether asynchronous, live or a hybrid of both, Recollective provides all the features you need to build qualitative research that fits your unique needs.

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Flexible Qualitative Research

Whatever insight community size and duration you need, from tens to thousands, days or months, Recollective scales to meet them.

We support always-on communities and flexible, quick-turn projects. If you're running multiple projects each year, use a multi-client site to realize the benefits of reusability and ease of administration.

However you choose to run your research, Recollective makes it simple to unlock incredible insights from your qualitative research.

Asynchronous Qual

Online qualitative research tools unlock a wealth of creative ways to reach diverse audiences and gather the insights you need.

Create self-paced, asynchronous standalone or journal activities to economically scale your research and discover new possibilities for innovative research design.

Asynchronous Activities

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Live Video IDIs and Digital Focus Groups

Take advantage of the many benefits of moving your in-person research online using a mobile-ready platform designed specifically for research.

Lower costs, broader reach and automated near-instant high quality AI transcripts make video-based IDIs and focus groups more accessible and powerful than ever before.

Recollective is the best solution for online communities and qualitative projects. The platform’s usage is very intuitive, and the new features for analyzing the results are helpful in gaining insights and addressing the project’s objectives faster and more efficiently.

Ana Vanegas
Vice President,

We consider the Recollective platform best-in-class and our ultimate technology asset in delivering high impact insights at scale and with speed.

Jennifer Adams
SVP, Digital Hives & Online Communities,

Recollective is the best option when it comes to simplicity and all the segmentation functionalities. The other platforms lack this many segmentation options as you offer.

Héctor Torrealba
PM Team Leader,

We have used the Recollective platform to power The Cambridge Panel - our online research community of teachers from around the world - for over two years, and in that relatively short period they have become an invaluable partner.

Rob Hardy
Head of Insight,

Our programer understood our objectives and activity guide well, and used her expertise to ensure that our programming would be engaging to participants whilst best answering our research questions. We would love to work with the Recollective team again.

Katherine Mai

The team went above and beyond to ensure that we felt comfortable with using Recollective. They took time to walk us through each step and made us feel at ease to move forward. Kudos to you all!

Yomaira Barredo
PM Team Leader,

Incredible assistance. Your team goes above and beyond. Fast and valuable advice. Service is next level. Appreciate you!

Jenna Beales
Senior Consultant, Qualitative Research,
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DIY Long-Term Communities

Build your long-term, always-on communities on Recollective’s proven, scalable platform.

With over 25 years’ experience building online community platforms, Recollective’s social, collaboration and community management capabilities will help you maintain a thriving, engaged customer insight community.

Do-It-Together Communities

Interested in connecting with a target audience through an always-on community, but not sure how to get started?

With our customizable "Do-It-Together" packages you retain an ongoing hand in the research design and execution but still benefit from world-class technology and service support.

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