Introducing: Recollective Connect

Your Home Base to Engage Panelists in a Connected Community

Say goodbye to the headaches caused by panel spreadsheets, participant churn and tool overload. Combine qual, quant and any other research tools all in one place with a community panel solution for connected research.

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Faster Into Field. Higher Completion Rates.

multi-client agency license
Promote engaging conversations through panel forums
Build and keep panels engaged at any scale
Run regular surveys and alert panelists to participate
bronze package
Create a homepage for panelists to communicate important news
engaging research
Combine panelists from multiple sources into a single platform
recollective qualitative research platform use cases
Build a panel with thousands of members, but engage only subsets in research

Engaged Panelists = Better Research Participants

Improve response rates by keeping panelists engaged between surveys. Build and engage your panels, access various research tools from a central source and nurture an always-on long term panel community with Recollective Connect.
engaged panelists equals better research participants

All You Need. In One Place.

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Panel Screening
and Prompts

Ask screening questions (including video) to capture profile data and qualify panelists. Prompt them to complete surveys based on their segmentation.

Panel Database

Panels, from thousands to hundreds of thousands of participants, can be populated from multiple sources as Recollective Connect easily scales.


Basic or smart rule-based segments enable you to easily manage subgroups of panelists in bulk. Set access based on segments for complete control.

text analysis

Custom Profile Fields

Import or capture custom data points for panelists with Profile Fields. Store text, poll choices, numeric values, videos, dates and more.

Secure Login

Provide single sign-on and optionally enabled two-factor authentication.

Customizable Dashboards

Use drag-and-drop to create dashboards visible to panelists and admins. You can optionally restrict access based on user role and panelist segmentation.

Email Broadcasts

Send or schedule emails to one or more segments of panelists. Use your own “from” email address and customize the email template as needed.

Panel Forums

Keep your panelists highly engaged outside of surveys and qual studies with always-on discussion boards.

Survey Connection

Direct participants to third-party survey platforms via links that can also track survey completions.

Faster Qual Studies

When you need to run qualitative research, create the study with Recollective Qual and redirect panelists to participate in live or asynchronous activities.

Flexible and Simple Licensing

Recollective Connect is sold as an annual licence. There are three simple tiers to choose from.
flexible and simple licensing

Get Started in Five Easy Steps

1. Choose which license best fits

Recollective Connect is sold as an annual license. There are three simple tiers to choose from.

2. Kick off planning call

We will guide you through the deployment process and ensure that everything is in place for a successful launch.

3. Initial site design completed and training walkthrough

Our intuitive user interface is customizable for different groups of business users and panelists. We'll show you how to make it your own.

4. Onboard panelists

Although Recollective does not have its own internal panel, we are happy to connect you with one of our trusted, global partners to help you source panelists.

5. Launch!

From start to finish in 1-2 weeks.

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