7th Sense Research was able to save 65% on their costs and get studies into field faster using a multi-client annual Recollective license.

7th Sense was able to save 65% on their costs and save hours of setup time to get studies into field, all while also significantly expanding their research service offerings by migrating to Recollective.


Established in 2002, 7th Sense specializes in custom research and has firm roots in traditional methodologies. Over time as the company expanded, so did their customer base and their research offerings. In 2013, 7th Sense began integrating online qualitative as a mixed-method approach and as a stand-alone offering.


Although the online qualitative solution that 7th Sense initially adopted could accommodate early client requests, by 2015 it was clear that research needs and objectives were continuing to expand and it simply could not address those evolving challenges.

  • Lack of functionality and task types limited the type of research that could be conducted
  • Stagnant platform interface eventually felt dated to participants and clients
  • Separate mobile app was a barrier to participation resulting in lower response rates
  • Limited participant management, moderating and reporting tools meant more manual analysis resulting in longer turnaround times for deliverables
  • High per-project costs and rigid pricing structures limited overall profitability

With decreasing budgets and timelines, these obstacles limited the types of research projects that 7th Sense could propose and conduct for their clients. They needed a flexible, cost-effective, best-in-class solution to keep up with their client demands and stay at the forefront of innovative research.


7th Sense put together their “wish-list” and went in search of technology that could fill in the gaps to take their online qualitative research to the next level. They needed an innovative platform that could adapt to an ever-evolving research industry while ensuring a modern experience for participants.

It wasn’t enough to just be “good tech”; 7th Sense was looking for a partner that would continually improve the platform when needed by listening to their research needs and feedback.

After evaluating a wide range of solutions, Recollective proved to be the one-size-fits-all platform that they were looking for. By partnering with Recollective, 7th Sense was able to:

  • Conduct short and long-term communities all in one platform without workarounds or compromise due to the variety of interactive task types and functionality
  • Expand their offerings by proposing new techniques and approaches resulting in additional business
  • Increase engagement and retention and improve response quality due to the platform’s intuitive interface and responsive browser design that does not require a separate app download
  • Reduce setup time by hours, making it quicker to rapidly respond to client needs and field new studies
  • Dramatically reduce moderating and analysis time by utilizing built-in management and reporting tools


7th Sense prides themselves on blending both innovative and foundational approaches to qualitative, ethnographic, quantitative and mixed-method research. Financially, they were able to save more than 65% in the first year alone by purchasing a multi-client annual Recollective license.

Since then, Recollective has been their trusted partner when it comes to online qualitative. Now in their fourth year working together, they continue to strengthen the relationship by exploring new capabilities together and co-presenting at conferences such as IIeX North America 2018.

Recollective is always so responsive when we have new requests that come up. They work as an extension of our team to make sure that we provide the best experience for our participants while enabling us to get the insight we need to hit client objectives. It’s comforting knowing they are always in the background coming up with new innovative tools to help us do our job better.

Meghan Armbrecht

7th Sense Research

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7th Sense Research & Recollective

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7th Sense Research & Recollective

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