AI-Powered Qualitative Research

Rapidly uncover meaningful patterns, themes and insights through AI-powered technology in Recollective.

We consider the Recollective platform best-in-class and our ultimate technology asset in delivering high impact insights at scale and with speed.

Jennifer Adams
SVP, Digital Hives & Online Communities,

Recollective is the best option when it comes to simplicity and all the segmentation functionalities. The other platforms lack this many segmentation options as you offer.

Héctor Torrealba
PM Team Leader,

We have used the Recollective platform to power The Cambridge Panel - our online research community of teachers from around the world - for over two years, and in that relatively short period they have become an invaluable partner.

Rob Hardy
Head of Insight,

Our programer understood our objectives and activity guide well, and used her expertise to ensure that our programming would be engaging to participants whilst best answering our research questions. We would love to work with the Recollective team again.

Katherine Mai

The team went above and beyond to ensure that we felt comfortable with using Recollective. They took time to walk us through each step and made us feel at ease to move forward. Kudos to you all!

Yomaira Barredo
PM Team Leader,

Incredible assistance. Your team goes above and beyond. Fast and valuable advice. Service is next level. Appreciate you!

Jenna Beales
Senior Consultant, Qualitative Research,

Summarize Transcripts

Utilizing generative AI, Recollective analyzes hours of recorded live video interviews and focus groups to generate concise and meaningful summaries and key takeaways.

Similarly, asynchronously recorded video, audio and screen recording responses are instantly summarized for lightning fast consumption.

Summaries are available moments after meetings have ended or responses have been submitted. This new AI-powered approach enables your research team to quickly reveal trends, commonalities, preferences and challenges within the data to expedite insight detection and your decision-making process.


AI Transcription

Accurate transcriptions are essential for unlocking the full potential of your research, from creating engaging video clips and summaries to detecting sentiments and themes. With the latest AI technology, you can achieve precise transcriptions that will transform your analysis of live meetings, as well as asynchronously recorded audio, video and screen recordings.

As AI transcription models continue to evolve, you can look forward to even more accurate and insightful results.

Our Vision

Recollective’s mission has always been to revolutionize research technology to help organizations uncover deep and meaningful insights with ease. Through collaboration with our customers, we have been actively working on integrating time-saving AI-powered features that will help researchers plan, implement, moderate and analyze studies more effectively on Recollective.

leverage ai to amplify not replace


Leverage AI to amplify, not replace, the creativity, intuition and critical thinking of researchers.

Recollective maintain commitment to privacy and confidentiality


Maintain our commitment to meet the privacy, confidentiality and security requirements of our customers.

Streamline-Thoughtfully weave AI into recollective's user experience


Thoughtfully weave AI into Recollective's renowned user experience to unlock new efficiencies.

Elevate and improve the quality of data with Recollective.


Improve the quality of the data collected by deploying AI to ensure responses are complete, authentic and appropriate.


Improve your entire
research workflow

Coming Soon

And More

More AI features are in development and coming soon

Coming Soon

Ask Questions

Get answers to any open ended questions of your data

Coming Soon


Generate summaries of task responses and discussion topics

Coming Soon

Theme Detection

Make sense of unstructured data with auto theme detection

Coming Soon

Emotion & Sentiment

Automatically detect and filter on emotion and sentiment

Recollective AI

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start using Recollective AI?


New AI-powered features will be released progressively starting this summer. Interested customers can request early access.

How will I learn to use Recollective AI?


Recollective's integration of AI will not require special training as it will be carefully woven into the user experience. Like all our features, many supporting resources will be made available.

Do I have to use Recollective AI?


Recollective will allow customers to opt-out of AI features on their sites.

How much does Recollective AI cost?


We plan to develop a variety of AI features for Recollective. Many will be included with the base subscription while others may require separate add-ons.

Will my data be used to train AI models?


At no time will Recollective use customer data to train an AI model without prior consent.

How will my data be secured?


Rest assured that we are proceeding carefully and will implement AI in a way that meets all our contractual obligations regarding customer data ownership, security and privacy.

We have agreements with our sub-processors to ensure that there is no data retention for training models and that all AI services meet the privacy, confidentiality and security requirements of our customers.

This includes compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA.

Stay Informed