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Discover why more and more client-side organizations choose to bring Recollective in-house as their preferred research platform.

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Be truly customer-centric

Engage with customers directly to understand their feelings, preferences and motivations. Improve your products and services and stay competitive with insights only qualitative research can uncover.

How we work with brands

deepen customer relationships

Deepen important relationships

Building an always-on community allows you to form and strengthen relationships with customers, employees and stakeholders.

research shouldn't be thrown away

Research shouldn't be throwaway

Every project completed or customer engaged unlocks more insights for your business. Retain them for instant access anytime, anywhere.

share management roles

Share management roles

In-house doesn't necessarily mean doing it alone. Securely invite trusted partners to support any part of your online research program.

draw your own conclusions

Draw your own conclusions

Nobody else understands your business as well as your own team. That's why many organizations opt to conduct their own research and analysis using Recollective.

improve research speed

Improve research speed

Move rapidly at the pace your business needs. Get quick answers to make meaningful decisions with a community of engaged participants.

reduce costs of field research

Reduce costs of field research

While the upfront investment may exceed a one-time project, when spread across many projects, the cost to build and maintain an in-house research community can significantly lower the price per project.

For all your qualitative research needs

Recollective understands the pressure on in-house research teams to deliver quickly and reduce costs, all while delivering quality research that meets increasingly stringent privacy standards.

brand enabled research platform
Brandable platform suitable for a wide range of research needs
research services to compliment in house capabilities
Research training and guidance to support your in-house team
expertise across a range of online methodologies
Best practices across a range of qualitative methodologies
access to a global network of professional research partners
Access to a global network of professional research partners

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