Dash MR Joins Recollective’s Certified Expert Partner Group

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September 7, 2023

Recollective is pleased to welcome Dash MR to our Certified Expert Partner Group.

As a certified expert of Recollective, Dash MR has devoted over 40 hours to training, learning how to seamlessly integrate their expertise in best-in-class data collection services with Recollective's advanced capabilities.

From comprehensive survey programming, to multi-quality checks, it was clear that Dash MR’s simple, yet full-service approach to data collection would make them the perfect candidates for Recollective’s Expert Partner certification.

Dash MR’s Certification Journey

The Expert Partner Certification course undertaken by Dash MR encompassed three pivotal components.

Step 1: Activities & Quizzes

Firstly, the team successfully completed a series of activities and quizzes designed to teach all aspects of the Recollective platform. These activities and quizzes provided the team with a foundational knowledge of the platform that they would need to move on to the next component of the certification process - putting theory into practice.

Step 2: Placing Theory Into Practice

Armed with insights gleaned from their coursework, the team translated theory into practice by programming a research guide within their very own Demo sites. The team programmed a mock study called “Talkin’ Tacos”, where they were challenged to delve beyond the surface of the research guide and strategically program Activities and Tasks.

This exercise fostered:

  • Critical thinking
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • A flair for innovation.

The results showcased by the Dash MR team were nothing short of impressive!

Demo Site for Dash MR’s Research Project Phase of Recollective Partner Certification Program

Step 3: Putting Knowledge to the Test

Lastly, the team culminated their journey by successfully tackling a Final Exam that assessed their mastery of the entire spectrum of knowledge acquired during the expert certification process.

Now that Dash MR has joined Recollective's Certified Expert Partner Group, they are able to expand their impressive full range service capability, and provide the best possible solutions for their clients.

Why Enroll in the Recollective Expert Certification program?

"With access to the latest features and tools that Recollective has to offer, partners like Dash MR can expand their research solutions to clients, utilizing the advanced features and tools provided by Recollective's platform.” - Laura Pulito, VP of Research Services

Whether you're an experienced online researcher familiar with Recollective, or brand new to the market research industry, becoming Certified is a great way to discover the vast depth of functionality in the Recollective platform and unlock new ways to use it for innovative research. The Recollective Expert Certification program is designed to turn you into a master in all aspects of the platform.

This exceptional program will help expand:

  • The way you conduct research
  • Streamline the execution of your projects
  • Maximize the value of your technology investment

By the end of this course, you will feel more confident designing and executing qualitative research projects from start to finish using the Recollective platform.

How to Get Certified

Certification takes 40 hours on average to complete and has three main components:

  • Activities and Quizzes - intended to be completed first, the Activities and Quizzes are the core coursework of the program and will give you the foundational knowledge needed to be a Recollective Expert.
  • Research Project -  take the lessons learned during your coursework and put them into action by programming a research guide into your Demo site.  After you are done programming, a Research Strategist at Recollective will review your work and provide you with feedback.  You must then implement all feedback in order to move on in the course.
  • Final Exam - the last step is taking an online, 50 question Final Exam.  You must receive an 80% or higher on the final exam in order to officially become Recollective Certified.

Once completed, you will receive your certificate of completion, as well as an official Recollective Certified badge which can be used to showcase your stamp of expertise to clients.

Take your skills to the next level and become a certified master of the Recollective platform. Contact us now to learn more about enrolling in the program!

About Dash MR

Dash MR is a US-based data collection provider for market research, consulting, and ad agencies. They use a thoughtful sampling approach and practical experience to ensure consistent and reliable data. With full access to all respondent sources in 63 countries, Dash MR can reach hard-to-find consumers, B2B, and healthcare groups.

Learn more about Dash MR’s full service data collection capabilities here.

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