How Madewell Found the Perfect Fit Through Communities: A Fireside Chat with Madewell and PA Consulting

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Laura Pulito
  • Posted On
August 8, 2023

Laura Pulito, the VP of Research Services at Recollective, had the pleasure of co-presenting at 2023 Quirk’s Event – New York with:

  • Shira Blum, Senior Manager, Consumer Insights at Madewell
  • Anna Campbell, Associate Partner, at PA Consulting
  • Natasha Compagnone, Principal, Human Insight at PA Consulting

During the Fireside Chat, they discussed how Madewell and PA Consulting’s collaborative approach enabled Madewell to expand their research and uncover more meaningful insights using Recollective’s innovative technology. They spoke about Madewell’s previous approach to research projects and in contrast, how transitioning to an online community helped them gain a deeper understanding of trends and influences driving consumer fashion purchase decisions.

Check out the full recording of the discussion below to learn more, including:

  • What Madewell was looking to accomplish with their study
  • How Madewell and PA Consulting collaborated to create a new approach
  • The types of Activities and Tasks they designed to encourage engagement throughout the study
  • Why Recollective was the right tool to support their research
  • How you can use Recollective to better understand your consumers’ real lives in a digital environment
Laura Pulito
Vice President Research Services
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