Recollective on the Customer Benefits of a Tech-First Approach

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Laura Pulito
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April 26, 2023

Recollective's own Laura Pulito, VP Research Services, is featured in the 2023 GreenBook GRIT Insights Practice Report with her commentary on "Supplier Profiles: Taking a Tech-First Approach". Here she expands on the original commentary with additional insights.

Recollective began with a clear strategy - to be the innovative technology supplier of choice to leading qualitative market researchers worldwide. Adhering to this mission has enabled the company to remain focused on what we do best: developing and supporting research technology without encroaching on research service delivery. Conversely, this strategy has also resonated well with our customers because it allows them to focus on research delivery without worrying about the tech. By working together with our customers to collaboratively supply the research industry, we’ve been able to evolve successfully together.

Looking back over the years since Recollective launched in 2011, we have been lucky enough to experience firsthand how technology has helped transform qualitative research and are proud of how Recollective has been able to help shape where the research industry is today.

What started with simple text-based discussion forums, online qualitative has now expanded to include a wide range of functionality. We’ve supported the introduction of video into research and a shift to mobile (which now accounts for half of how participants engage with Recollective). We were part of the buzz around online insight communities through to the more recent shift to using digital IDIs and video focus groups forced by the pandemic. As each of these technologies gradually embedded itself into the industry, both technology and research suppliers adapt to take full advantage of them.

Now we’re witnessing another technological sea-change created by the possibilities of AI conversation engines. There’s no doubt that this is a big wave and will bring with it some fundamental changes to our industry. From new suppliers pushing hard to bring this technology to bear and service suppliers urgently working out how to best use it, the next few years will be an exhilarating time.

But as our customers know, Recollective doesn’t jump to react without careful thought. The same will be true for AI and whatever comes after it. The strength of our tech-first approach allows us to partner with our customers to drive innovation in such a way as to empower researchers and their clients.

This trusted partnership is what has led us to be a one of the industry’s leading technology suppliers and is the foundation that’s forged years-long relationships with top agencies and brands around the world.

The GRIT report indicates that many suppliers are trying to find a balance between providing services and technology. Yet our experience remains that to truly differentiate oneself within the industry, blending service and technology is best achieved through robust partnerships so that research firms don’t need to develop technology and technology firms don’t encroach on research service delivery. By constantly working together, suppliers and researchers can advise and guide each other to maximise the potential that these new technologies promise.

In conclusion, at Recollective, we remain committed to our tech-first approach, building innovative software solutions that empower researchers and their clients. We believe that our partnership with our customers is the key to success in the ever-changing market research industry. Working together, we can navigate the complexities of new technologies and continue to drive innovation in the years to come.

Laura Pulito was also invited to speak at the GRIT Forum which brought together several of the commentary contributors to discuss the GRIT Report, industry trends and more.

Laura Pulito
Vice President Research Services
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