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Philippe Dame
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April 15, 2015

A fantastic new interface design is now available for an exclusive preview by Recollective customers. If you're a Recollective customer, you may soon notice a toggle inside your studies as shown below. It grants you access to a fully functional and live preview of this new look. If you don't see this toggle in your Recollective study, please visit a study in your Recollective demonstration site.

This preview is only available to Analysts. Your participants, clients and moderators will not see any interface changes nor will they see the preview option. As an Analyst, you can manage your study in the new interface or exit the preview at any time. You'll be happy to know that 99% of the functionality has not changed at all. There will be nothing to re-learn. What we've done is relocate and minimize the importance of that grey, right-hand 'Control Panel'. It's now on the left and only appears when you access administrative functions. The new interface is so streamlined that participants never need to see a side panel. Everything they need is now accessible from the page header. In short, we've grouped related options, reduced navigation steps and did away with all unnecessary clutter. You and your participants can now focus on what matters most: the community experience and your research results. You will be able to decide when the new design is permanently enabled for your site by selecting a preferred date in May. Your dedicated Implementation Consultant will be in touch soon to schedule this date and answer any questions you might have. All new sites launching in May will begin with the new design already enabled.

Design Goals

We pride ourselves on Recollective's clean layout and overall usability, but we're not the type to be easily satisfied. We knew it could be better after all we've learned from our global customer base. For this update, we had some specific goals in mind:

  • Improve overall usability and modernize the appearance
  • Consolidate features rapidly added since 2011
  • Decrease interface complexity for administrators and participants
  • Better align administrator and participant experiences
  • Further optimize the mobile and tablet experience
  • Allow customized colour theming for more integrated branding
  • Establish a new foundation for future functionality

Questions and Feedback

Please use the fully-functional preview option now to familiarize yourself with the new look. Once you are in the new design you'll be greeted by brief tour. You'll also receive an invitation to attend one of two live webinars about the new design. We would greatly appreciate it if you'd send us your feedback either by speaking with your Implementation Consultant or by clicking the Support button inside Recollective. If you're not yet a customer, please contact us for a personal demonstration. We sincerely hope you enjoy this new design.

Philippe Dame
Co-Founder & CPO
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