The Big Changes Ahead for Qualitative Research: A Fireside Chat With Big Village

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Laura Pulito
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June 21, 2023

Stephen Thompson, the COO at Recollective, had the pleasure of co-presenting at IIEX 2023 with Jennifer Adams, the SVP of Digital Hives and Online Communities at Big Village.

During the Fireside Chat, they discussed how Big Village has seen research evolve through online qualitative technology and where their clients are asking them to go next.

They spoke about the main drivers behind Big Village’s transition to using Recollective for qualitative research and answer a variety of questions, including:

  • How have customer's research needs changed over the past 5 years and how does this compare to current market trends?
  • What is driving client needs now and how are those shaping how technology is used today?
  • How will qualitative research evolve in the next few years and what role will technology play?
  • What are some industry trends when building panel communities?
  • How can you increase engagement with study participants?

From how AI will play a role in qual to methods for engaging your research audiences by giving them an online home, you won’t want to miss a moment of this discussion.

Check out the full audio recording below for more details!

Laura Pulito
Vice President Research Services
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