Do-It-Together (DIT) communities

Interested in connecting with a target audience through an ongoing research community, but not sure how to get started? Let's "Do-It-Together" to ensure you have all of the technology and service support you need while still retaining a hand in the research.

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recollective packages overview

Packages overview

Recollective's "Do-It-Together" packages help get your community off of the ground and ensure its success. Choose from any of the following packages or reach out for a custom solution.

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Benefits of Do-It-Together

Designed to help bridge the gap between DIY and full-service options – DIT means you get the support you need without the full-service price tag. By doing it together:

lean on our team to help you get started
You can lean on our team to help you quickly get started and provide the guidance needed to avoid common pitfalls and hidden costs that can arise when creating a long-term community.
launch your research in days
You will receive generous planning, operation and analysis support while also having a hand in the research design and moderation.
learn nuances of running a successful community
You will be able to learn the nuances of running a successful community and have the opportunity to slowly transition to less support or a full DIY approach over time, if you desire.

What you need to know


Recruiting for long-term communities can be challenging, time-consuming and costly. Our packages are designed so that a "recruit" is not just someone who qualifies based on a screener - they must accept a welcome invitation and log in to join your community.
thought leadership and best practices in online research

Consultation & setup

To ensure your community begins on the best foot, we will start by tailoring the design to your objectives, guide you through the planning process and train you on the platform. We'll then program your site, upload the participants and invite them to join the community.
consultation and setup

Community management

It's easy to underestimate the time it takes to manage a community - so let us do the heavy lifting. We will monitor the community, troubleshoot any issues that may arise and manage member communications.
community management


DIT means you still have a hand in the research but leave it to our team to help create the most engaging experience possible. We'll design engagement activities for the community and provide suggestions on how you can improve your research activities.
DIT activities


All packages include snapshot reports that highlight key themes from non-research activities and a quarterly health report to track member participation so you know when it's time to refresh. Our platinum package also provides topline reports to showcase high-level findings from research activities.

Additional options

We realize that at times you may need to take a qualitative approach within your community or add/ replace participants. Each of these packages allow you to add panel refreshments or survey activities at any interval that you deem appropriate.
consultation and setup
"We are beyond thrilled to be announcing this offering alongside Recollective. Their software stands apart in the digital qualitative space because of the attention they give their software, their customers, and the participants that engage with them. The user journey remains at the core of how they develop their solutions. It's a core value we share and it's what makes us true partners."
kerry hecht
Kerry Hecht
Founder/CEO, Echo Market Research
"Recollective is excited to partner with Echo MR to offer clients a full array of external research services that allow them to deploy Recollective on a turnkey and, if desired, fully managed basis. Whether in need of recruiting services, ongoing moderation, incentive management, or anything in between, our clients have the option to work with a trusted partner on all aspects of their studies."
alfred jay ceo and co-founder recollective
Alfred Jay
CEO, Recollective
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