The Power of Recollective and Qualtrics Combined

The drive toward a unified qual and quant research experience is greater than ever before. At the same time, it's critical to facilitate the seamless transfer of people and data synergistically between leading platforms rather than compromise on a single, limited solution. That’s why we’ve introduced the capability to effortlessly integrate Recollective with Qualtrics as standard in every licence.

Streamline Participant Onboarding

Say goodbye to participant spreadsheets and data formatting headaches. With Recollective's Qualtrics integration, importing survey respondents into your studies is a breeze.

Effortlessly map Qualtrics survey questions to Recollective profile fields and segments, ensuring seamless and instant participant import with data-rich profiles. It's the no-code, no-spreadsheet solution for researchers who demand efficiency.

Engage Participants Immediately

Don't let participant drop-off be a concern. With Recollective's Qualtrics integration, onboarding happens in real-time.

Bring qualified participants directly into the Recollective platform with their data-enriched profiles, allowing them to dive into your studies without delay. Participants experience a smoother, more engaging research process from the very beginning.

tailor your research

Use Diverse Methodologies
in a Unified Platform

Break down the barriers between quantitative and qualitative research by seamlessly launching quantitative surveys for your participants mid-flight.

Send participants from Recollective to Qualtrics effortlessly and, upon their return, sync their profiles with the newly acquired data. Mix methodologies without the hassle, all from one integrated platform.

Integrate with No Code
and No Fuss

Recollective's Qualtrics integration doesn't require any coding or technical expertise. In just a few clicks, you can have a fully integrated system, connecting Qualtrics XM survey respondents with Recollective as panelists or study participants.

Enjoy the benefits of a powerful integration without the need for developer support – simplicity at its best.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need programming experience to integrate my
Qualtrics Survey with Recollective?


No special knowledge is needed! All of the information necessary to configure your Recollective Qualtrics Integration is present in the Account Settings of your Qualtrics account.

After my survey data is integrated, how are participants onboarded?


Participants are onboarded using any of the existing methods offered by Recollective. If you prefer to send email invitations directly from Recollective or are using Single Sign On (SSO), you can continue to do so. In addition, Recollective’s Qualtrics Integration allows for participants to be redirected automatically to a Recollective Site or Study space from a Qualtrics screener. This can help combat participant drop off and get your participants engaging in your community immediately.

Can I launch Qualtrics Surveys from Recollective?


Yes! Panelists can be redirected to Qualtrics from the Homepage of your Site or Study and from within Activities. The Qualtrics Integration facilitates the rapid import of newly collected Qualtrics data into Recollective, making it easier than ever to conduct panel or community refreshes.

Can a single Recollective site (e.g. a customer with a multi-client annual license) integrate with multiple Qualtrics licenses?


Yes! It is possible for a Recollective customer to integrate with as many Qualtrics licenses as they own and draw on surveys within each of them into the same Recollective Site.

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