Qualitative Research Without Compromise: The Recollective Brand Story

In the fast-paced world of qualitative market research, where data reigns supreme and insights shape the future, there's a platform that's not just revolutionizing the game but infusing it with a vibrant spirit of enthusiasm. That platform is Recollective and our story is one of passion, innovation and a relentless commitment to helping researchers bring the research they dream of to life.

The Birth of Recollective

Recollective's journey began in 2011 in the heart of Ottawa, Canada, where pioneering minds came together with a shared belief: community-driven qualitative market research would be the future of the market research industry. They believed that qualitative researchers deserved an innovative platform that could support the full scale of their ambitions and amplify their insights. By allowing them to focus on doing the research they love, without compromise, we could make them genuinely happy in the process. To this day, those early experiences guide how our software is designed and shape how we work with and support our customers.

The Researcher's Dream: Research Happy

Today, we proudly unveil our refreshed brand with the new tagline, "Research happy." This message encapsulates our core mission – to empower researchers to execute the research they love with the knowledge that they have the best partner and the best platform in Recollective.

When researchers use Recollective, they are able to draw from the broadest qualitative toolset available within a single unified platform. Recollective supports it all: asynchronous and live, small or large, finite or ongoing. Combined with incredible flexibility, Recollective delivers researchers the ability to bring their unique vision and research methodologies to life.

The beauty of “Research happy.” is in its double meaning. Not only does it speak to our desire to empower researchers with a technological platform that offers power and flexibility so they can focus on designing research they love, it also alludes to the goal of research itself: uncovering what makes a customer happy. The feeling that comes from building innovative studies that draw on researchers’ proprietary expertise to best engage participants and dig deep to find unexpected answers is what Research happy is all about.

Empowering Researchers

At Recollective, we understand the unique challenges faced by market research agencies, independent researchers and brands. We've made it our mission to address these challenges head-on, providing solutions that inspire confidence and creativity and unleash the sense of purpose in every qualitative researcher.

A Refreshed Brand Ethos

Our refreshed brand story reflects our commitment to:

Uncompromised Research: Recollective unites broad and deep qualitative research functionality with incredible flexibility, in one software platform. Researchers don’t need to wrestle with different technologies to meet their research objectives; instead, they can focus on the art and science of their work. Recollective was designed to overcome the constraints that narrower tools impose. Researchers can build studies the way they imagine: asynchronous and live, big or small, short or long. With Recollective, researchers do their research, their way.

Insight Amplification: Recollective doesn't just collect data; it illuminates insights. Our platform and AI-powered analytical tools are designed to help researchers uncover hidden gems within their data, enabling them to rapidly inform stakeholders with more impact than ever before.

A Vision for the Future

As we refresh our brand, our dedication to helping qualitative researchers to "Research happy." drives us to continuously evolve, innovate and exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

Join us in this exciting journey as we champion the research lovers, the data explorers, the insight seekers and the change-makers in market research. With Recollective as your partner, we'll support the research you want to bring to life while also helping you and your business thrive.

Welcome to a new era of Recollective, where the future is happy and you can do your research, your way.

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Let's research happy together