Rapidly launch with a QuickStart

QuickStarts provide extra support to program and launch your project. Trust our in-house Recollective experts to get your project into field faster.

Are you running on a tight schedule? Need a little help to setup your research project on Recollective? Our QuickStart service package is the ideal solution. QuickStarts include extra support to program and rapidly launch your project without a hitch.

Recollective assigns a project manager to each QuickStart project. They are responsible for delivering the QuickStart to the agreed schedule, managing your day-to-day interaction with Recollective and ensuring you have everything you need from us to launch the project on time.

QuickStart projects are structured over a minimum of three business days during which time we'll work through the following stages:

Research guide assessment

We'll review your guide for programming feasibility and ease, clarity of questions and research best practices.

Project kickoff call and guide consult

During the kickoff call we'll confirm roles and responsibilities, deadlines and deliverables. We'll discuss the review of your research guide, recommend and agree any changes before moving forward.

Programming of the research guide directly into Recollective

With a finalized guide, your project manager will program it into Recollective, testing each activity as they proceed. On completion, Recollective's internal quality assurance process kicks in and the final study programming is reviewed by a secondary project manager who will validate it against your original guide for accuracy and compliance.

Customer review and programming final changes

By end of Day 2 you'll have the opportunity to review the programmed study and let us know what (if anything) needs to change. Your project manager will usually schedule a call to do this walkthrough together, but it can also be done with an email exchange. At this time we need your final participant list.

Final guide changes implemented and participants invited to the study

Recollective will make the final changes to your study programming and site configuration on Day 3. We'll upload your participant list into the Recollective site, creating the necessary segments and custom profile fields as part of that process. Once complete, we'll check a sample to ensure it's been done correctly and then issue the welcome emails to everyone ready for launch.

Additional support for technical or research execution questions

Once your research study is live, you'll have continuous access to the Helpdesk Recollective experts for any technical support questions or issues.

Learn more about the QuickStart service by downloading this resource or contact our sales team for further information.

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Rapidly launch with a QuickStart

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Rapidly launch with a QuickStart

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