Webinar: Setting Up Your Long-Term Community for Success

As part of GreenBook's Insights Tech Showcase, we show how Recollective can be used to run engaging long-term communities with your target audience.

Last week, our VP of Research Services, Laura Pulito, presented as part of the GreenBook Tech Insights Showcase on Insights Communities.

In her presentation, she showed how Recollective can be used to run engaging and impactful long-term communities with your key target audience. During the 30-minute webinar, recorded below, she touched on how you can use Recollective to scale your community, customize the experience for your participants and keep your members engaged by leveraging a wide range of research tools and platform features.

Watch the full session to learn how to use Recollective's features to create your own successful long-term community through:

  1. Community composition: Finding the right participants is just as important as the research design itself. Laura summarizes how Recollective can help you curate communities with as little as 250 participants that range up 10,000 panelists. She also goes through Recollective’s features and screening tools that help not only target specific members of your communities but qualify the right participants in the first place.
  2. Branding & customization: The most successful long-term communities create an inviting environment that actively conveys the appropriate messaging and appeals to your target audience. Recollective includes a variety of options to help you create that experience whether you are designing a branded or blind community. Learn how you can quickly update the look and feel of your community along with customizing the experience to your key audience.
  3. Engagement tools: One of the key differences between shorter-term projects and long-term communities is how the research activities are designed; long-term communities include activities designed through a different lens, keeping in mind that participants need a balance between engagement and interest. Recollective makes it easy to create that balance between research-driven activities and engagement-type content, with Activities, Discussion Boards, Socialization options, and Gamification.

Interested in learning more about how Recollective can help you run engaging communities? Request a demo site or a walkthrough from one of our sales team today.

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