Fireside Chat: Qualitative Research Insights from the Latest GRIT Report

n this fireside chat, Lenny Murphy of GreenBook goes beyond the GRIT Report to discuss COVID's implications for insights organizations.

Last week, we were joined by Lenny Murphy of Gen2 Advisors and GreenBook to discuss the latest findings from the GRIT Report as it pertains to online qualitative. During this fireside chat, Lenny walked us through some of the key highlights of the report and also talked about what this means for qualitative research moving forward.

Below you will find a few key takeaways that emerged during the discussion, along with a recording if you would like to watch on your own time.

Key Takeaways for Qualitative Research

  1. The insights and analytics industry has finally shifted from being “tech driven” to “tech led”, meaning that the drive for speed, quality, and price efficiencies that technology delivers are necessary in order to meet buyer-side needs.
  2. Buyer-side organizations are increasingly investing in insourcing technology to deliver on their insights needs, including qualitative tech, so they have agile organizations that can be responsive to rapidly changing and diverse business questions.
  3. Qualitative research is rising in importance as a way to understand “why” and enable empathy with customers and digital tools are enabling whole new ways to make that happen. Digital tools are augmenting qual rather than simply replacing traditional methods due to necessity.
  4. Face-to-face will continue to thrive as the only way to gather “experiential” insights; if the business need is focused on touching, tasting, smelling, using, etc…or if deep interpersonal engagement is necessary.
  5. Now that the tool box has expanded and many are using them we can focus on innovation vs. adaptation and that is an exciting time for us all as researchers.

Check out the full discussion for even more details, insights and nuance!

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