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Meaghan Willis, an independent moderator, successfully launched her own business by exclusively offering online qualitative powered by Recollective.

After more than a decade working at research agencies across North America, Meaghan began her career as an independent researcher. Exclusively offering online qualitative research powered by Recollective, her business has thrived and she is now a key partner for organizations such as Dynata and Spin Master.


With a background conducting traditional market research for agencies across the globe, Meaghan quickly realized that these approaches were not keeping pace with the way consumers were living their lives and she needed a better way to connect with them. In a fast paced society that trends more online each day, Meaghan needed an approach that mirrored their everyday lives and put them into a comfortable environment that could harness innovation and creativity.


In 2004, Meaghan started conducting qualitative studies online. Due to the lack of available resources and technology, Meaghan took to programming individual research sites from scratch using HTML. Although this approach enabled her to connect with consumers in a new way, building the technology in-house posed a lot of challenges:

  • Difficult and time-consuming to get new projects up and running
  • Drain on internal resources and was not cost effective
  • Research focused meant they could not keep pace with evolving technology to provide an updated user experience


Meghan knew that she needed an environment conducive for research that would help save time, money and increase productivity. In 2009, she went in search of finding alternative technology solutions and tried a variety of platforms in order to find exactly what she was looking for.

After running numerous projects on different technologies, Meaghan got in touch with the Recollective team in 2011 who met with her in person and provided a demo site to test prior to running her first research project. Recollective not only provided a modern environment for participants but it gave her a platform where she could experiment with new methodologies, techniques and find new innovative ways to connect with consumers.

Meaghan immediately achieved numerous benefits by adopting Recollective for her online qualitative research, including:

  • Able to run more project and get into the field faster
  • Better buy-in from clients led to increased revenue
  • More customization which enables a bespoke experience
  • Cost savings provided larger profit margins


Not only was Meaghan able to save time, money and internal resources by using Recollective, she was also able to increase productivity and increase the business. Based on just her first proposal alone, Meaghan won a project that resulted in $3,000,000 in new business.

Since then, she has done over $60,000,000 in projects using the technology and has left the agency world to run her own company, STAGE 6IX Consulting, Inc. where she continues to partner with Recollective to run online qualitative communities. In the past 3 years alone she has been able to run more than 300 communities, up to 6-7 at any given time.

Recollective provides the perfect balance between community and research. The platform is like a canvas to a painter - it’s perfect for someone who likes to customize each experience and try out new interesting ways of conducting research. It’s a highly adaptable space, where activities and tasks can be easily developed and modified to respond to spontaneous research needs.

Meaghan Willis

STAGE 6IX Consulting

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Stage 6IX Consulting & Recollective

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