Recollective for Agencies

Discover how agency researchers using Recollective to run online qual studies regularly reduce time and achieve better engagement while saving money.

Faster, better, cheaper. We know as an agency-side researcher, you’ve heard these words before and are constantly looking for new and better ways to deliver on all three points when executing research for your clients.

This article explains how Recollective can help agency side researchers cut down the amount of time it takes to run an online qualitative study while providing better engagement and saving money.

Save Time: 70% of Recollective Projects are in and out of field in less than a week

Conducting research online with Recollective saves time at every stage of your project. Get a project up and running in under 24 hours, view results in real-time and start analyzing your data immediately.Automatically-generated charts and graphs help you quickly spot themes and save significant time during the report writing phase.

Better Engagement: The average response rate in a short term research project using Recollective is over 80%

Recollective’s activity-based structure lets you choose from 13 task types to engage participants in fun and meaningful exercises. Combine standard and journaling activities with forum-style discussion topics and live chats to keep people engaged with the research and meet your client’s specific needs. Supplement qualitative tasks such as text, photo and video capture, image and video reviews with a range of quantitative options including polls, scales, allocation scales, grids and card sorting exercises.

Mobile Friendly: More than half of all participants access Recollective using a mobile device

By bringing research online, you can tap into a broader or hard to reach audience. Get higher quality insights by connecting with these participants whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them through our mobile-optimized platform.With a responsive browser design and no need to download an external app, you can launch mobile-friendly projects without compromising the participant experience.

Flexible Pricing: For around $600 USD you can host a three-day quick study for your clients with urgent needs

Recollective can extend for any duration of project and scale to accommodate anywhere from 10 participants up to 10,000. Increasing discounts are built into our pricing for larger projects and all licenses come with everything you need to be successful - unlimited activities, unlimited admin and client accounts, all features activated plus support, training and a pre-launch site check.

Click the link below to download more information and find out how Recollective can help you deliver better insights at a faster pace within your budget.

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Recollective for Agencies

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