Recollective Inc. Unveils Brand And Website Refresh

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, OTTAWA, ON - November 16th, 2023 - Recollective Inc. Introduces Brand Update Emphasizing The Qualitative Research Platform That Helps Researchers Do Their Research, Their Way

Recollective Inc, the ultimate qualitative research platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of their brand refresh, centred around the uplifting call-to-action, "Research happy." This new message reflects Recollective's commitment to providing researchers with broadly enabling technology that inspires confidence and creativity, while empowering researchers to do more of the research they love without compromise.

“The beauty of “Research happy.” is in its double meaning. Not only does it speak to our desire to free researchers from technological constraints so they can focus on doing the research they love, it also alludes to the goal of research itself: uncovering what makes a customer happy” says Kristin Dorsey, VP of Marketing at Recollective.

"Since launching Recollective in 2011, we've made it our mission to provide qualitative researchers with a platform that fully supports their creativity and expertise,” says Alfred Jay, Founder & CEO of Recollective Inc.

“Instead of imposing the limitations that many narrow solutions present, we empower them to implement a wide variety of research methods within a unified platform. With Recollective, researchers can apply their proprietary approaches to best uncover the insights that drive meaningful change.”

As with the development of their software platform, Recollective made it a priority to build this new identity hand-in-hand with their customers. Taking a collaborative approach, they met with qualitative researchers to truly understand the motivations, drivers and passions behind their work in research.

With the unveiling of its brand refresh, the company looks forward to a future where researchers worldwide can pursue their unique research approaches with confidence. With their unwavering dedication to the happiness and success of qualitative researchers, Recollective is committed to continuing to make a significant impact in the market research industry.

About Recollective Inc.

Recollective is the ultimate qualitative research platform with a simple mission: to help global brands and agencies bring the research they imagine, at any scale or duration, to life faster than ever. The broadly featured and robust qualitative platform covers it all, from participant screening and onboarding to asynchronous and live qualitative activities and AI-powered analysis. With Recollective, researchers can conduct their research, their way.

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Kristin Dorsey
VP Marketing, Recollective Inc.


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