Recollective Integration Options

From a custom participant on-boarding process to connecting Recollective to other research tools, there are many integration options in Recollective.

Recollective is capable of integrating with other platforms using a combination of user authentication and APIs, direct embed and Webhook tools. Typically integration is used for either on-boarding participants and their data, or for connecting to third party services for data capture outside of Recollective.

This article explains some of the tools in Recollective used in integrations. Those include:

Participant Profiles

All participant accounts have an unlimited amount of customizable data parameters making it easy to align with external data sources such as panels or customer lists. Within the Recollective ecosystem, these parameters can be classified as basic and custom profile information, basic and smart segmentation fields or participant study data.

Single Sign-On API

Participant accounts can be created or updated in Recollective when triggered from an external system such as a panel or customer portal. That can cut down on the errors and time spent that are often associated with creating accounts from a bulk Excel / CSV file upload.

Webhook System

A webhook is a way for an application to provide other external applications with real-time information. As events occur within the origin platform (Recollective), the external application is passed the information immediately.

In the context of Recollective, as soon as Recollective-specific events occur, we provide the ability for you to send specific participant information​ to custom web addresses. For example, on successful screening of a candidate participant you could have Recollective automatically issue a confirmation to the panel provider.

The article also includes some examples to illustrate what is possible when integrating external systems with Recollective. Those examples include:

Recruiting / Panel Integration

Most recruitment or panel provisioning services use a survey platform to handle the initial screening / scripting of participants. Combining the redirection and query string mechanics in that platform with Recollective's API, qualified participants can be seamlessly passed to Recollective and automatically have an active account created (including passing across any custom profile field and segmentation parameters).

Secured External Single Sign-On

In certain cases, there may be a need to have an external platform act as the master system to control access to a Recollective site. Using the secured Single Sign-On method, one can effectively disable native access to a Recollective site and deactivate the standard Recollective login screen. Instead, all users (participants and admins) would be required to first login at the external platform before being redirected and logged into Recollective.

Survey Integration

In situations where you'd like to pair third party research tools or platforms with Recollective, we have the native capability to redirect users to any web-based tool. Recollective can dynamically redirect a participant and pass any of their profile information directly to the other platform via our Prompt tool.

Custom Embedding

We allow the use of custom embedding via HTML iframes. Provided you're doing this on pages within Recollective that support our Rich Text Editor, you'll be able to directly embed other tools or platforms directly into our interface. For example, live Twitter feeds, external surveys / polls, secure video stimulus and podcasts or 3rd party audio players can all be embedded into Recollective.

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Recollective Integrations Options Download

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Recollective Integrations Options Download

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