Webinar: Recollective Certification

Whether you're a new or experienced online researcher, becoming Certified is a great way to discover the vast depth of functionality in the platform.

Whether you're an experienced online researcher familiar with Recollective or brand new to the industry, becoming Recollective Certified is a great way to discover the vast depth of functionality in the platform and unlock new ways to use it for innovative research.

But what does it mean to become Recollective Certified? What does the program entail? What are the benefits? And why should you care? Today we hosted a webinar to cover just that!

Within this session, we provided an overview of the Recollective Certification program and covered:

  • Recollective’s three tracks: Expert, Moderator and Recruiter Certification
  • How the process works and the completion requirements
  • How to determine which is the right course for you
  • The benefits of becoming certified
  • How you can start your journey to become Recollective Certified

If you or your colleagues were unable to attend the session or would like another chance to watch it, you can view the recording below. You can get more information, including costs, by going to https://recollective.com/recollective-certification.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to sign up for one of the Certification programs: saleshelp@recollective.com

Webinar: Recollective Certification
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