Buzzback launches Studio, Redefining Qualitative Research

We are thrilled to announce that Recollective is now a recognized partner of buzzback's groundbreaking qualitative solution, Studio. This partnership marks an exciting milestone for us as we continue to enhance our capabilities and provide the leading all-in-one qualitative research platform for insights professionals. We invite you to read buzzback’s press release below where you can learn more about Studio's innovative features and how this collaboration will revolutionize the way we approach qualitative research. Together with buzzback, we are truly excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead in unlocking deeper and more actionable consumer insights.


Buzzback launches Studio, Redefining Qualitative Research

Studio by buzzback is the first end-to-end solution, making qualitative research accessible, simple and seamless for all.

The future of qual is here – introducing Studio by buzzback

NEW YORK, NY – January 4, 2024 – Buzzback, a pioneer of research for more than 20 years has launched Studio by buzzback with the mission to evolve qualitative research into a dynamic, agile and easy experience without making sacrifices. This new tech-centered platform has been designed to modernize the traditionally fragmented, slow and manual qualitative research process and bring research buyers, moderators, best-in-class fieldwork and recruiting partners together in one platform. 

According to Forbes Business Insights, the Research Technology sector will grow to a multi-billion-dollar industry in the next few years. With a shift to insourcing, digital transformation, new platforms and big data, today’s marketers are craving faster and more efficient ways of gathering insights. Studio directly addresses this need by providing on-demand access to discover, connect, and conduct custom online qualitative research.  

Designed by seasoned research experts, Studio by buzzback sets out to solve the gaps and challenges with qualitative research today. The comprehensive solution is built to provide end clients with access to a robust, vetted moderator network where they can directly connect, easily initiate research, and seamlessly work together from start to finish on their project within the platform. And for moderators, Studio highlights increased visibility to research buyers in need of their services as well as enables seamless access to best-in-class fieldwork platforms, recruiting partners, and administrative support.     

“We’ve watched the quantitative side of our industry evolve and explode with great ResTech solutions that push our industry forward. But there were still so many challenges with qual that just weren’t being addressed. And we experienced this daily firsthand; the telephone game of looking for the right (or available) moderator for the project, recruiting times of 2 weeks when our clients needed the entire project done by then, manually coordinating the logistics of the study with all the different groups of people involved. It was, and still is, an inefficient process.  And in the age of Airbnb, Uber and Slack we need to push ourselves to work smarter.” said Liz White, Senior Vice President at buzzback.  “When it comes to advancing qualitative research, Studio is a game changer. It is the future of qual.”

Studio revolutionizes conducting qualitative research by seamlessly integrating with carefully curated, best-in-class technology solutions that are advancing the industry in their own right. User Interviews, Discuss, and Recollective create a comprehensive partner ecosystem to power communities, diaries, mobile ethnographies, focus groups, IDIs, dyads, triads and more on Studio. Basel Fakhoury, CEO & Co-Founder of User Interviews says, “We’re thrilled to be an exclusive partner of Studio in redefining the qualitative research landscape. Studio’s mission perfectly aligns with our strategy of building the future of modern research recruiting.” These partners form the early foundation of the partner ecosystem on Studio with more to follow in 2024. 

About Studio by buzzback 

Studio by buzzback is reimagining qualitative research as the first end-to-end platform designed to provide today’s marketers with a more dynamic, simple and seamless experience.  Harnessing technology, Studio brings research buyers, moderators, best-in-class technology and research participants together in one platform, making access simple and seamless. Studio was designed and built by buzzback, a trusted leader in consumer insights for more than 20 years. Buzzback has helped hundreds of Fortune 100 and emerging brands make data-driven decisions, winning awards for its rethinking and reinventing research. Headquartered in New York, with a global client base, buzzback is a woman-owned diversity supplier.


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